We are all so talented…

Just imagine you were brave enough to embrace your talents

and believe in yourself…


Appreciating life…

Being grateful, practising the art of appreciation, being appreciative of all you’ve achieved, of all you’ve created as you have lived the life you have lived, is a gift that can transform any situation you find yourself in.  

Finding an appreciation for your the life you have lived, for all that you have experienced, all that you have evolved through, all that has empowered you to be who you are today, is a gift that can transform any situation you find yourself in.  

Each life event has refined you, each life event has shaped you, each experience has evolved you into who you are today. Your life is a living expression of all you have experienced, all that you have imagined, all that you have become. Your life is a living expression of the magic of creation that exists within you, you aren’t simply existing in this moment, you are creating with every breath you take, with every thought you imagined, with every action you have empowered.  

Finding appreciation in any moment is a gift and it will transform any situation you find yourself in.  Appreciating all you have experienced will help you to see opportunities that existing in your life right now.  Appreciating all you have experienced, will help you see potentials in what you are doing, in what you can create, in what is achievable, in any situation your life presents you with.  When you see potentials and opportunities, the magic of life unfolds before your eyes.  

Practising the art of appreciation will help you feel more content with where you are, will give you the confidence to feel happy with how you are doing, and what you are creating.  Practising the art of appreciation reminds you that you are participating in the life you are creating, that you are a living part of what you are experiencing, and that you are here in this experience because this is exactly where you need to be, and where you are needs you to be you. 

Appreciate the little things in life, the life that surrounds you, the sounds, the smells, the feeling they evoke within you and the stories they tell, the memories they stir within you.  Appreciate the excitement you feel, the excitement of completions, the excitement of new beginnings, the excitement of living, of evolving into who you are becoming.  

Appreciate all you have loved, all who have loved you, all you have cared for, all who have care for you.  Appreciate all you felt, all they felt, all you experienced together.  See the value in you, see the value in them, appreciate their contribution in your life, and appreciate your contribution in theirs, the kindness you experienced, the kindness you expressed, the comfort you felt, the comfort you gave.  Your smile, their smile, your love, their love, your attention, their attention, your intention, their intention.  

Appreciate the compassion you feel, the compassion you see, the offerings you make, and the offerings you receive, the messages you get in everyday moments, through the music you hear, the rhythms that move you, the art you see, in the life you experience.  

This life is your life, a life for you to live the way you want to live it, a life for you to be who you want to be.  Appreciate what a privilege it is to be alive here on this beautiful planet, full of amazing wonders, full of wondrous creations.  Appreciate the value of being able to express who you are through what you do, through the actions you take, through the difference you make just by being you.  

You do make difference by just being you,  you do have something you contribute by just being you, you are remarkable, you are love, you are grace.

Be graceful, be inspirational, be you.