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The pull of attraction is meant to move you...

The pull of attraction…

When the pull of attraction is so great you recognise it’s call, fall under its spell and start to see it’s potential.  When the pull of attraction is so great it becomes your latest holy grail, that which you seek the most, you know it has moved you beyond all limitations.  It’s all you can think about, it’s relentless and won’t let you sleep, it’s haunting you, calling to you, begging to be realised.  This is the moment creation begins, the moment you begin to breathe life into this reality, to see your life within its context, and be transformed.  Attraction is magnetic, it draws you in, it consumes you and shows you not only what it possible but also what is missing as well.  

Desires, dreams and wishes all have a purpose in your life, they shift you in one way or another, they remind you of your intentions, they remind you of your personal power, your ability to create, and remind you to look at the life you are living.  They reveal all that attracts you to the life you are living, and the life you are seeking, your life’s work, wishes are the magic in your life for what they show you, desire is what motivates you to create change and dreams make you aware of what may be possible.  Following the pull of attraction helps you understand more about yourself and more about your motivations, more about why you do what you do.  

If only it was a matter of wishing, of hearing the call and pursuing it without the drama’s, without the sacrifices and the work, but attainment of desire requires commitment, attainment of desire requires alignment, attainment of desire requires action.  It’s not just a matter being attracted and aligning your beliefs to what you are trying to achieve, you have to actively affirm the belief in this reality.   You have heard its call for a reason, if you are going to manifest this wish it is going to take work, you are going to have to work at it.  Be aware of the effort it will take, especially if you have conflicting beliefs around what you are trying to bring into being, your thoughts, your words, your descriptions all have to align to it’s success.  If you do not believe in what you are doing it will not manifest, if you do not reaffirm this belief it will not manifest, this is the work you will need to do.  The wish, the desire and the dream are all possibilities and all part of your evolution, how they evolve into being is totally up to you.   

Be aware of how you think about what you are doing, of your thoughts around what you are trying to achieve, be aware of how they vibrate in your consciousness, do you really believe this is possible, do you believe it is possible to have what you want.  Be aware of how you speak to yourself, be aware of how your words vibrate in your consciousness, the words you use to describe what you are doing, how you are reaffirming this belief with your words.  There is energy in the words you use and if they are conflicting you will need to resign them.    

Attraction is magnetic, you are an energetic being and you radiate what you believe, so it is important you believe in what you are doing.  If the attraction is so great that it has moved you into action, then let you actions speak, begin living your dream and bring it in to being. 

Love your life and life will love you back.  


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