We are all so talented…

Just imagine you were brave enough to embrace your talents

and believe in yourself…

You know who you are

Be the star you are…

Life is not just a random set of experiences, there is divine design to your existence and everything that happens has a purpose.  You experience what you experience so you evolve through each experience and you have incarnated to evolve.   

Your life is intertwined with meaning and purpose, every movement in your life, every change, ushers in a new you, an evolution of self, empowered by the actions you take and the decisions you make.  Every experience you have evolves you so you gain greater understanding of who you are, what you believe and what you are about.  

If you believe in destiny, in what is meant to be will be, there can be no wrong choices as everything that happens has purpose.  Everything that happens is for the experience of it, you evolve through each experience, you are experiencing what you came here to experience, which is why you are experiencing it.  What you do with this experience is up to you, how you perceive what is transpiring is up to you, how you define what is happening is up to you and just maybe this definition is predestined too.  

Is this what free will is, how you choose to experience what you are experiencing?  Your perception creates your reality, it shapes the direction you move in, it shapes the action you take and the decisions you make.  How you perceive what is transpiring will determine what you do, will compel you to act a certain way so you are positioned to end up where you are meant to go.  What you choose to do, is what you are meant to choose, every action you take is the action you are meant to take, this experience evolves you into who you are becoming.  Think back to something that happened, how you responded to what was happening, and how that shaped what happened next.  

When you experience something that does not feel good, that may be uncomfortable or hurtful, it can be difficult to shift your perception into the belief that this is happening for a reason. This is where you have a choice, you can choose to experience your hardship with faith in your ability to endure what is transpiring and you can choose to be curious about what is really happening and where this is taking you.  You have designed this experience to evolve through it and if you faith and belief in yourself, you will find meaning and purpose in what is happening.  

Developing this greater sense of trust as you grow and adjust to new circumstances can be challenging, but it will give you a greater understanding of who you are, of what you are about and what you are doing here in this experience.  Everything that happens, happens for a reason, the reason being the experience you gain through what is transpiring.  Everything you experience shapes who you become, shapes the life you create.  

It is your destiny to create a life that reflects who you are, that honours what is important to you, that you see the value in creating.  It is  your destiny to be your true self, who you know you are and this is an amazing life you are creating is for the experience of living it.  It is your destiny to be curious about what life is showing you through what you experience, so you connect to the divine design that exists in your life and remember just how amazing life is. 

You not only direct this movie, you wrote the script as well, you do have the plot figured out, all you need do is be the star you are.   

Be inspired by who you are.