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Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

The art of being…

The art to just being, being able to enjoy what you’ve accomplished after you’ve climaxed, after you’ve worked through the challenges you faced, after all the drama’s, after all the tantrums, after all the chaos change created.  You are now where you wanted to be and now you can just be, but can you?  Can you sit in your boringness when life slows to a pace where it feels like nothing is happening, can you settle into a rhythm in where nothing much happens, can you just be with yourself?   

You have an opportunity to embrace this space where nothing much happens, you have an opportunity to just be here in this space before the “what’s next” rises within you.  This is the space between worlds, the world that was, the world that is and the world that will be.  This is the space where you can reflect, this is the space where you remember who you are and what it is to be you, this is the space where you get aquatinted with yourself all over again.  This is the space after all the chaos where you embrace the nothingness of just being.  Does there always have to be a “what now” or can you just sit where you are for a while and just be.  The “next” will soon arise within you, it will pull you into a new phase in your life where you begin your next re-invention of you,  but right now you have the opportunity to just be.  Right now is sacred.

Get to know who you are now as you sit in this space, this is a sacred space, this is a sacred time for you to settle into it exploring what exists here in the life you have created after all the chaos you’ve been through to get here.   Get into the rhythm of this life by allowing yourself to just be here in it, here with all it’s accomplishments, here with all it’s glory.  It is your rhythm that makes you who you are, that awakens what it is to be you, go with the flow and become aware of what makes you tick, of where your happiest.  This is a sacred space, a sacred time you have created to allow yourself to exist in, to be present in, this is where you get in touch with who you are now, this where you find what you are seeking.

There is a world that exists within you, inside this world of what is, where you connect with what could be, what may be and what can be.  This is the world between worlds, the world of what ifs, the world of possibilities and potentials, the world where imagination exists, this is where ideas come from.  This is the world where you find inspiration, this is where hope resides, this is where you find true connection, this is where you connect with yourself and this is where re-invention occurs.  When you allow yourself to just be, to be with yourself and all you have accomplished, you access this world.

Embrace this sacred space, this sacred time to just be where you are within what you have created.   Become aware of where your happiness resides, become aware of what you can do, of what so you truly desire so you can begin to create chaos all over again. with all it’s drama, all it’s tantrums and all it’s passion.  Because life without passion is boring, and life without hope isn’t living, imagine the life you can live when you allow yourself to be you.

Love your life and life will love you back.


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