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You belong here…

Life is busy, we have all sorts of distractions and sometimes our minds are somewhere else rather than being here in the now, experiencing what is happening now.  Everything in life occurs for the experience of it brings you, each experience shows teaches you more about you, and you evolve through everything you experience, so being here in this experience is important to your evolution.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that where you are right now, what you are experiencing right now, is for the experience of what is happening.  There is design to your life, you are where you are meant to be where you are, what you do is what you are meant to be doing, to get you to where you are going.  

Think about where you are and what you would like to happen, what you would like to create, how you are contributing to what is happening.  How are you responding, are you are responding in a way that is aligned to what you truly believe, to what matters to you, in a way that is respectful of your truth, of who you really are.   

Sometimes life doesn’t seems to go to plan, sometimes thing don’t seem to work out the way we expect, sometimes we get lost in what is happening, but somewhere deep inside we know what is going on and why we are experiencing what we are experiencing.   

Within you, you have the will, you have the fortitude, you have the resilience, to move through whatever happens in your life.  Within you, you have the adaptability to create what you want through what you are doing within the experience itself.  Within you, you have the knowing, you have the belief that you are more than the limitations you perceive when you experience difficulty, restrictions, or complications that happen in life.  Within you, you have the resolve to evolve through everything that happens in your life because everything you experience you are meant to so you evolve into who you become. 

You belong here in this experience as this experience defines what happens next.  It will change you and as you go through this change you re-invent who you are, you will evolve.  This is experience is unique to you because only you are experiencing this from your perspective, only you see what you see, and only you can do what you do the way you do it. Remember who you are, what you are about, what value, and see the value in how you respond to what is happening.    

Embrace your life as it unfolds, trust and believe in the life you are meant to live, you are not merely existing within it, you are actively creating.  Make your life a living expression of your truth, when you believe in yourself you create a life that mirrors your belief.  You are uniquely equipped and talented to live the life you desire and you can bring it into being, you can make it happen.  

You belong here in this experience, you are glorious in who you are and there is only one you, only you can be you, and only you can do what you do, the way you do it.    

You belong here in your life, this is your life, the life you are creating, what you do with it really is up to you.  Everything you experience will define you, everything you experience will evolve you into who you will become.

You belong here in the experience that is you life, you are living it so you can be who you are.  When you believe in yourself and what you are doing, you create the life you were born to live.  When you live life the way you want to, you find where you belong, you find who belongs there with you and and you find what you belong doing.  

Be inspired by who you are.  


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