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We are all so talented, just imagine if we were all brave enough to embrace our talents and believe in who we really are…

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Trust yourself

You do know…

There is a difference between thinking and knowing, thinking creates your perception on what is happening, knowing taps into what already exists, what’s already written, and it is this knowing that guides you through life.  What you think is influenced by your perspective on what is happening, what you know is a deeper sense of

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Awareness of presence…

In any given moment you may find your true expression, in any given moment you may forget your uncertainty or insecurity and become consciously aware of your greatness.  You may have an awareness of your presence and realise the impact you make.  In any given moment you may impress yourself, you may find your importance,

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Live intuitively

Living life intuitively…

You do know, you know, you have always known, you may not have listened but you have always known.  There is an intuitive side to your nature that helps you navigate your way through life, it is there calling to you, speaking within you and all you need is listen.   Being aware of the

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you do know

Intuitive flow…

Sometimes in life our intuition speaks loudly and we find it easy to pay attention to what we are sensing, but when it’s just a whisper it’s harder to hear.  We all have it, it is our sixth sense a feeling, a hunch, a knowing, it’s natural like our other senses, though at times not

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Feel your way

Intuition in action…

Intuition in action is when you act upon a feeling, a hunch, an instinct, when you know what you are sensing is right for you, and you allow yourself to trust  and follow where this sensation leads you, and you feel compelled to take action.    Intuition in action is when you are moved into

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