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We are all so talented, just imagine if we were all brave enough to embrace our talents and believe in who we really are…

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Make each moment defining

Life defining moments…

Life is full of defining moments, sometimes we are aware this moment will change our life and other times we are not so attuned to our participation, sometimes it is a moment that evolves into something far greater that what we anticipated.  Defining moments are the moments in time where a decision, a situation, an

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Holding space

Holding space…

To hold space, being present in what you are experiencing, to sit with yourself and be there in this moment with all you feel and allow yourself to feel all you feel, will support you.  To hold space with someone else is just being there, being present in this moment they are experiencing and allowing

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Have fun being you

The resurrection within you…

Happy Easter. Did you know the date chosen for Easter each year is governed by the moon, Easter falls on the first Sunday after the Full Moon, very pagan and Easter stories date back before Christian times.  These are the stories of life and rebirth, of resurrections, stories of triumph over suffering, stories of faith and

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Everything changes

When everything changes…

Life is an evolving cycle of change, everything is always changing and when everything changes it can be quite unsettling.  We grow accustomed to living in a particular way and sometimes we get set in our ways, thinking we can only be this way.  We can also get in our own way and resist change

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Be you

Authentically you…

Authenticity, being authentically you will make a difference in your life.    Doing what is right for you, what sits with you, will make a difference in your life.  You make the difference, you are the only person that can change your life, so if you want things to change, make the changes you want

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It's yours to write

This is your story…

This is your story, this life you are living is your story and how it evolves is up to you.  This life is your life and life is about living, living and experiencing what life presents you with, how you perceive what is happening is your story.  You are here in this experience for the

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You have a quest…

You were born with a quest, you were born with an evolving story, this life is the life you have chosen to live and everything you experience here in this life is transforming you, everything you experience is evolving you.  You are evolving, you have come here to evolve, you are here to experience life

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Be in love with life

Love begins with you…

Love begins with you, loving who you are, loving where you are in your life and loving life itself.  You are here to explore what you love, to find passion in what you do and to be in love with the life you are creating, so you can find where you belong.   When you

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From you

You can’t hide…

No matter how you hide, how you to turn away from your truth, your unique self still calls to you, stirs within you and beckons you back to who you are.  It is the restlessness you feel, the questions you have, the desires that keep resurfacing, it is what calls to you to become, to

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Trust your life..

Trust your life…

Taking some time to think about the life you have lived, what you have experienced so far, how you have learnt and grown through the life you have lived, will show you where you are at today and where you might to get to tomorrow.  As you think about the life you have lived, you’ll

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Do what is right for you

Do what’s right for you…

You are on a journey to discover who you are through what you do, through doing what is right for you, so you find what is rightfully yours.   This is what you are called to do, this is who you are. This journey will take you to many destinations, it will take you beyond

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You are the gift...

You are the gift…

As you get ready to welcome in the New Year, what’s your vibe, how do you feel?  Are you optimistic about the life you are creating, do you believe you can create the life you really want to live, do you believe in you?   Are you happy with who you are, have you found

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Merry Christmas...

Merry Christmas…

Merry Christmas, may you have a magical festive season, may you share and sprinkle a little bit of you everywhere, because we need you to be you.     May you share your smiles, may you share your laughter and spread your joy to those who need it most.  May you be kind and compassionate

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Value in your past..

Value in your past…

Your past is such a valuable experience, it has taught you, it has sculpted you, it has liberated you.  You have become who you have become by what you have experienced in your past, your past has played a valuable role in the journey of getting to where you are right now, you are you

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The way you move

The way you move…

You have your own way of moving through life and you have your own way of working through what life presents you with.  Your individual process, the way you move through what you experience, is unique to you, because only you have seen what you have seen, only you have been where you have been,

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