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Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

Change is in the air…

Change is in the air, you can sense it, you are witnessing it, or you are becoming aware of the potential for it, by what is unfolding in your life.  The winds of change are blowing.  Life is an evolving cycle of change, and so are you, as you move through what you are experiencing.  

Change is in the air, where it takes you is up to you.  Think about what happening in your life,  what you can do with this life, what you can create from what you are experiencing.  Think about how you want to move through this experience that is your life.  Every choice, every action, every desire is leading you to discover more, more about you, more about your life, more about what’s possible.      

Somewhere in what you are experiencing, there is a sense of what is right for you, what sits with you.  What is right for you may not necessarily be right for others, so be mindful how you are experiencing  what you experience may differ from those around you.  And what’s right for others, may not necessarily be right for you, so what you may perceive someone’s experiences to be, may not be how their experience is.  

Change is in the air and it creates desire within you, explore where your desire may lead you, think about the potentials that exist in what might happen if you move in this direction. The exploration of the possibilities and potentials is the beginning of figuring out what it is you really want to do.  When you really want something and it is right for you, you make it happen, it is what motivates you to keep creating, to keep focused on what is achievable, to live your life the way you want to live it. 

Be honest with yourself, think about your intentions, the intentions behind the actions you take.  Act in a way that is aligned to what you believe, what you value, what is important to you.  Discover what you really want through how you experience what you are experiencing.   

You have a path divinely designed especially for you to experience, you contribute to that path, you are a living part of this experience, there is a reason you are here.  The urge to make changes, is also part of the path you are on, the changes you make determine where you end up.  Think about what you are doing, what you are creating, what your intentions are, in the action you are taking.  Is it right for you?  Is it what you truly believe is possible?  

 If it is important to you, and you believe it is possible, then do it, and see where this action takes you, what eventuates.  You have a choice, it is your choice what you do with what you are experiencing.  How you perceive what you are experiencing determines the reality you live in, see yourself as the person you are evolving into being, see your life as the life you are creating, it is evolving and it is evolving you.  

Change is in the air, where it takes you is up to you.  It really is up to you, choose to expand and evolve, choose to trust and accept you are changing, choose to explore and create a life that is right for you.  

Your life has purpose, you are a living part of what you are experiencing and each experience is leading you to who you become.  Who you become is someone you have imagined being, someone you feel is your true self, and someone who is totally at home being you.  

Be inspirational.


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