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Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

When everything changes…

Life is an evolving cycle of change, everything is always changing and when everything changes it can be quite unsettling.  We grow accustomed to living in a particular way and sometimes we get set in our ways, thinking we can only be this way.  We can also get in our own way and resist change when it calls upon us, and the more we resist the more persistent the universe is, until it steps in and intervenes.  If the universe has stepped in and intervened and you are being asked you to change something about your life, you are being given a  wonderful opportunity to grow.  

You see, this change is a part of your evolution and it will evolve you and it is how you evolve.  This change is an opportunity to get to know yourself more and to uncover the wealth you have within you, you have an opportunity to challenge yourself.  Don’t resist what your life is presenting you with, rise to challenge and see the potential in what is occurring and when you do this it is empowering.  Be empowered by what you can do, be empowered by the difference you can make.  You will be reminded of what is important, you will be reminded of who is important and you will be reminded that there is a design to your life.  This is meant to be because it is occurring, this is a part of your destiny, you are not a victim of your circumstance, you are being given the opportunity to uncover the hidden truths in what is taking place.  

So as you are growing into this change it gives you the opportunity to figure out what you really want and what is really important.  Give greater consideration to what matters most to you, to what brings you joy and what inspires you.  Get to know yourself through what you are experiencing for this experience is valuable and what you do with it is valuable to.  See what you have to give, how you can contribute to what is happening, see the difference you make.  Understand who you are through what you are experiencing and see the adventure your life is, this is a part of your journey, trust yourself and trust your life because when you do life itself supports you.  

Don’t be afraid of the decisions you make and the actions you take, don’t be afraid of the opportunities you are presented with.  There are no wrong choices, everything you decide to do you are destined to do, which is why you have done what you’ve done.  Each decision is part of your destiny and each experience is meant to be for the experience it gives you.  Believe in what you are doing, believe you can make a difference, because you do make a difference, every action you take has an impact.  See what is possible, see what you can do and see the potential in what is happening, make the most of where you find yourself, make the most of what life is presenting you with.  

This is your life, and it is up to you to create a life you are happy with, everything you experience is for the experience of it, it is meant to be.  This is your life and it is giving you the opportunity to get to know yourself more deeply, to embrace who you really are.  Let go of the struggle and rise to the challenge that lies ahead of you because you will find you have what it takes an you will find you.  You are more than any limitation you perceive, you are more than any restriction you feel, you are blessed to be here in this experience.

Love your life and life will love you back.


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