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Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

Consciously nurturing…

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mothers, other mothers and nurturers who grace our lives with their presence. 

 Mothering comes in all forms, you don’t have to be a mother, to mother.  We mother our friends, we mother our families, we mother our partners, we mother our pets, we mother in our communities.  Men mother, women mother, children mother.  Mothering comes in all forms.  

What are you mothering at the moment, in this moment in time, what are you lovingly energising, putting your energy into, nurturing into being?  What is evolving in your life? 

What you focus on becomes your reality.  If you start looking for flowers, and you’ll see flowers everywhere, if you start looking for smiling faces, and you’ll see smiling faces everywhere, if you start looking for love and you’ll see love all around you.  You see the synchronicity.  

See what’s evolving in your life, and you’ll notice where your focus is.  Your life is a living expression of who you are, life is flowing through you, it is to be lived, to be experienced, each experience is evolving you.   Just as we all have unique tastes and styles, how we experience life is unique as well.  One person may see blue, another may see green, another may see aqua.  One person may see limitations, another may see opportunity.  Each event, each experience, each direction is all a part of your own uniquely individual journey, and what you focus will become your reality.  

So…what are you nurturing into being today, what will your experience be?  

Embrace and celebrate who you are, in your own uniqueness, this is your destiny and you are destined for greatness.  How you perceive what you are presented with, will define how you experience what you are presented with, and how it will evolve you.  Be conscious of what you are evolving in your life.  Be conscious of how you are evolving.  

Be inspirational.


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