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The power to create change

We have the power to create change, to believe we can make a difference in our own life and in the lives of others, to believe in the life we are creating, is liberating.  We have the power to create change as we are energetic beings, we are fluid, we evolve and grow, we flow, we shift and we transform.  We are able to create change within us and we are able to create change around us, we are stimulated by our environment and we are we stimulate it, we are energetic beings and we are powerful, what we choose to focus on becomes our reality, we are that powerful.   

Believing you have the power to create change opens up many possibilities in life, believing you have the power to do something about what is happening around you or what is happening to you, liberates you from feelings of inadequacy or lack.  Believing you have the power to create change will create a change within you, your focus will shift from where you’ve been to where you are going and what you choose to focus on becomes your reality, it is what motivates you to create changes you need to make. 

When you think about where you have been, all you have experienced and what you have learnt, you realise how powerful you are, who you were then and who you are now, what you wanted then and what you want now, are all a result of your efforts.  You see how you have changed and how your environment has changed with you, you see how you were influenced by it and how you are influencing it now, you see how powerful you are, you see the change you created, you see how you come to be where you are.  Your reality was influenced by what you believed at the time and you were where you needed to be to get to where you are now. Now you are who you are because of where you have been, but where you have been is no longer there, where you are going is what you will make it be.  

The energy you put out into the world, how you are interacting with your environment, how you respond to your environment, what you do now influences what happens next.  Whether you are fighting or flowing, how you feel about what is happening will show you what is right for you and when you do what is right for you, you find what you are missing.  If you are fighting what is happening, you are fighting with yourself, what you do next is up to you, you have the power to create change.  You have the power to evolve, when you trust and flow with what shows up in your life, you trust life and find the strength to do what you know you must.  Acknowledging how you feel will show you when you are fighting and when you are flowing and believing you have the power to create change liberates you, you realise you can make a difference.

Change is inevitable, everything changes, everything evolves, you can fight the desire to change or flow with it, you can struggle with whatever life presents you with or you can go with the flow and figure out what you can do.  You can trust and believe you are here for a reason, you can trust your life and everything within it and believe you have the power to make a difference, believe you are able.  Because you are uniquely you, only you are you, you are creative and when you do what sits with you, what is right for you, you create a life you are happy living.  When you are happy you shine and your world shines with you.  

Love your life and life will love you back.


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