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Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.


Creative transitions…

We are continuously in a creative transition, evolving and transforming through the experience of doing and it is only through experience that we learn.  There is value in this experience, we gain through the experience of doing, we actively create through what we do, we are continuously in a creative transition.  In this transition we see what is possible, we gain insight into who we are becoming and we we prioritise what we want.  

It can be tough prioritising what we want, to pursue a standard that attracts the type of opportunities that will satisfy us, a standard that inspires us to create a more fulfilling life, a life where our value is realised.  It can be tough to put yourself first, to prioritise what you want, to pursue a level of attainment that attracts the right opportunities, the opportunities that arise when you believe in what you are doing.  It can be tough standing in your truth, being true to you, standing up for yourself and expressing yourself through what you do and how you do it, knowing there is value in what you contribute.  

If you do not value yourself, if you do not value what you are dong, you won’t feel satisfied with what is created, if you do not value yourself the what you create will never be enough for you.  You may tell yourself it will do, you may compromise yourself, but it won’t be enough, your value will not be recognised.  If you are one who wants a more fulfilling life, a life that is aligned to where your value is realised, a life in which you live your true expression, then you must prioritise what you want first.  The only way you will find fulfilment is by putting your true self out there, it is only by doing that you become and it is only by becoming that you evolve.  

It is not until you put your true self out there and begin being who you know you want to be, that you gain the experience you need to become who you are becoming.  Every experience is evolving you, think of it like a ladder, each rung takes you higher and the higher go, the more you can see, it is not until you elevate yourself do you see what is available to you. When you see what is available to you, you evolves you, you are continuously in a creative transition, seeking a fulfilling life is evolution and it’s what you’ve come here to experience.  Finding fulfilment in life can feel self-centred, but it’s where you are evolving to, you may feel selfish to want what you want, but it calls to you, begs to be realised.  Everyday you rise, elevate yourself towards what it is you want, you experience the fulfilment of being you, everyday you have a purpose, you are on a mission to become who you are becoming.  

Everyday in every way you are learning more and more about you, about the connection of your inner world and the outer world you inhabit, what you do here matters, you have an impact, your world is continuously in creative transition.  Look forward with hope because where you’ve been has inspired you to get to where you are today, and where you are today will inspire you to get to where you go tomorrow.  You are gaining experience, you are evolving, your world is evolving and our planet is evolving.  This is your creative transition and it will continue until your last breath, everything you experience here is part of your evolution, where you go from here is up to you.  

Love your life and life will love you back.


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