Just imagine if we all were brave enough to embrace our uniqueness and believe in our potential…

Don't be afraid to dream

Don’t be afraid to dream…

Don’t be afraid to dream, it is these dreams that have inspired you to become the person you are today, it is these dreams that ignited your imagination and helped you shaped the life you have created, don’t be afraid to dream, your dreams continue to inspire you.  Don’t let go of your dreams, if they still whisper to you, they are still awakening something within you, they are still influencing the decision you make, if you are still inspired by them, don’t be afraid to dream.  

Don’t be afraid of the decisions you have made and the decisions will make, don’t be afraid of the opportunities each decision brings, don’t be afraid of the changes happening, if the winds of change blow, they blow for a reason, the blow so you grow.

Don’t be afraid to dream, it is your dream, it gives you a glimpse of what your life can be, these dreams inspire you to become who you are becoming, you want what you want so you get to where you need to be.    Don’t let go of your dream, it may need modifying, it may need revising, you may need to remodel it but it is this dream that has influenced your choices and it is this dream that will continue motivate you to do what you need to do to get to where you want to be.  Know there is a reason things are the way the are, there is a reason if you are restless and there is a reason you want what you want, don’t be afraid to dream because this dream is leading you somewhere, where you go with it is up to you.

You have this dream because this is the universes way of stepping in and intervening in your life, this is the way the universe is guiding you, she knows what she is doing and so do you.  This dream is giving you a wonderful opportunity to grow and evolve, with growth comes change and change is good for you, even if it is challenging it keeps you moving, keeps you from stagnating.  Hold on to your dream, it is yours to behold, you are dreaming it into being and the universe is calling you to pay attention, this is something you can not ignore for she will be persistent, if you resist her she will intervene until you do what you know you have to, what you know you must.    

Your dreams, what you want, what you desire are what inspires you to make the changes you need to make, when you go for it and chase your dreams life continues to inspire you.  If you have grown accustomed to living a particular way or thinking in a particular way, being resolved to this is all there is, you could be getting in your own way, you could be stopping yourself from seeing your very potential, the potential within you as well as the possibilities that exist around you.  Don’t be afraid to dream, this dream could become a reality, this dream is here within you to  inspire you into action, this dream is persuading you to make the changes you need to make, to evolve and grow into who you will become.  

Don’t be afraid to modify your dream especially if you feel you are not getting anywhere with it, know this the stage you are at  and maybe something needs to change, maybe you need to do something differently.  The changes you make will help you get to where you need to be, if you need to revise something, make a revision, edit and adapt it, make it fit in with the life you are living, but don’t give up on your dream because its ok to dream.  This is a wonderful opportunity to grow and evolve and your dream will evolve with you, make the adjustments you need to make and allow yourself to want what you want, it is ok to dream.

It is ok to dream, it is your imagination that is awakening within you and you can make this become your reality because you have this dream for a reason.  Whatever the reason is, you are being asked to explore it, to see where it takes you, to allow yourself the indulgence of desiring, of wanting change so you grow and evolve into who you know you are.  It is ok to dream, your dreams inspire you actions and your actions lead you to opportunities, when these opportunities present in your life, don’t be afraid to explore where they lead.  You dream what you dream, you desire what you desire, so you create what you create and when the universe intervenes, trust her, she knows what she is doing.  Trust yourself, you have this dream for a reason, it can become a reality, you can allow it to evolve, your life is evolving and you are too, only you can bring this into being.  Trust yourself, trust what feels right, follow your dreams because this is the life you are busy creating with them.  It is ok to dream, to imagine and to create.  

Love your life and life will love you back.