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Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

Don't be afraid to dream

The Universe is intervening…

The Universe is intervening, giving you a glimpse of what can be, to inspire you, to ignite your imagination and lift your spirits, don’t be afraid to dream.  Your dreams, your aspirations have inspired you in the past, they have moved you into action and helped you become who you are today.  Dreams shape our reality, it’s ok to wish, to want and to explore where this could take you, and it’s ok to believe because when you believe in yourself, when you trust life, life unfolds more smoothly.  

It’s ok to dream, even if you’ve carried this dream with you for quite some time and it still quietly whispers to you, reminding you it’s there, especially when you need it most.  It always awakens something in you, it always evolves as you evolve too, the winds of change may be blowing and when they blow, they blow for a reason, something in your life is transforming and it brings opportunity.  You are being transformed, your dream is transforming, you have more vision, it’s evolving and more aligned with the person you have become, more aligned with what is important to you now, more aligned with your self worth. 

Don’t be afraid to dream, you have this dream so you become who you can become, something about it is real, something within it is speaking to you, calling you to pay attention, asking you to evolve.  It may be a constant in your life, one you modify and revise over time, it may be a motivator for change, it moves you and awakens a stirring in your soul.   There is a reason it is with you, it may make you restless, it may dare you to do and in the doing you may surprise yourself.  You may be surprised how much talent you have, you may be surprised how resourceful you are, you may be surprised by you strength.  You may be surprised how quickly you transform into who you are becoming, how quickly you get into the groove, how quickly life turns around.  

Don’t be afraid to dream, where it takes you may surprise you…

The universe has a way of stepping in and intervening in life through aspirations, dreams and desires, it is the way the universe inspires you, awakens you, guides you and she knows what she is doing. She comes around when you need her most, she rises within you when you feel at a loss, she gives you a wonderful opportunity to grow and evolve, to make change, to be change, to do differently, to be different.  She makes life more interesting, her colours are bright and beckoning, she speaks to your soul and stirs your imagination.  She is what keeps you going, what provides the light at the end of the tunnel, she is yours to behold, you are being called to pay attention.  Try as you might to resist her call, but she is persistent, she does intervene and she will have her way, she will rise within you until you decide what to do.  

Your dreams, your deepest desires, your wishes for the future are what inspire you to make the changes you need to make, they call to you and become stronger when you get too comfortable, when you sacrifice yourself in some way, when it’s time to go for it and chase them.  Even if you get in your own way and create delays, detours, involvements, you are still called back to accepting you still want what you want.  Don’t be afraid to dream, this dream could become a reality, this dream is timely, it’s persuading you to make changes, it’s calling you to grow and see what unfolds, to see what evolves, to become.  

You have this desire for a reason…

If you feel you are not getting anywhere with it, it may need revising,  know this a part of it’s journey too, a stage you need to go through to get to where you are going.  Be adaptable, make the adjustments you need to make, rearrange what you need to rearrange, but don’t give up because this is the path you are on and where it takes you is up to you. This is a wonderful opportunity to grow and become, dream your dream and know you have it for this reason, you are exactly where you need to be to get to where you are going.  You have it within you to create, you have it within you to elevate, you have it within you to find the greatness that is you, the greatness that exists in you, you have it within you to be who you believe yourself to be.  

It is ok to dream, it is igniting your imagination, if it is to become a reality, it will inspire you into action, you have this dream for a reason, it is inspiring you to create.  Whatever you are creating, whatever the reason you want what you want, you are being asked to explore it, to see where it takes you, to allow yourself the indulgence of desiring it, to allow yourself to change, to grow and evolve into who you believe yourself to be.  It is ok to dream, don’t be afraid to explore where they lead, they are inspiring the greatness that is you, they call you to transform, to become.

You dream what you dream for a reason, you value what you value for a reason, there is meaning to your life, you are contributing to who you are becoming.  You desire what you desire, trust yourself, believe in yourself and do what you do the way you do because only can be you.  Trust yourself, trust what feels right, follow your dreams and uplift your life, you are who you believe yourself to be, dream it, imagine it, create it.    

Love your life and life will love you back.


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