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The importance of encouragement…

We all need encouragement no matter how confident we seem to be, or how much we believe in what we are doing, encouragement is important.  The benefits of encouragement give us vitality and create a sense of excitement, encouragement is healthy and uplifting, and can make a world of difference in our life and the life of others.  The importance of encouragement in our adult life is often overlooked, there is often an expectation that we no longer need it and it’s benefits are underestimated.  Encouragement helps us as much as adults as it did when we were a child, it helps us remain confident, it helps us remain motivated, it helps our productivity, encouragement aids our wellbeing and sense of self, encouragement renews our spirit.  

Giving encouragement to another can make such a difference in someones life, receiving encouragement can make such a difference in your life, encouragement is important.  You can encourage someone with a simple gesture that acknowledges you see them, you notice what is happening in their life, you show up for them and show them they are important to you.  You can encourage someone by supporting them in whatever they are doing or whatever is presenting in their life, by simply being there and acknowledging them.  Acknowledgment of their journey, and showing them you are walking this path with them, will give them will give them courage and the confidence to continue and it will empower you both.  

It is important you give yourself encouragement, it is important you acknowledge who you are, it is important you have the courage to continue your journey as well.  Be encouraged by what you have achieved, be encouraged by what you have experienced, be encouraged by everything you have been through, everything you have come through, be encouraged by who you have become through what you have experienced, be encouraged by the experience life gives you.  This will  renew your spirit and give you the confidence to do what you want to do, or be who you want to become, the confidence to continue.  Give yourself the approval you seek, give yourself the acceptance you seek, give yourself the encouragement you would give to someone else, because you are worthy of this encouragement too.  Be encouraged by who you are, be encouraged by what you do because only you are you, and only you can be you.  Life can be invigorating, life can be uplifting, life can be elevating,  you are evolving through this experience that is your life and you can be encouraged by the life you are living, you can be encouraged by the life you have lived.  You can be encouraged because you are brave and you have courage, you can be encouraged by what have created and what you can create.  Your life can give you the encouragement you seek, your life can be what you want it to be, you can be the change you want to see.  

You can make a difference in your life and the life of others just by being you and allowing them to be them.  Encouragement is important, acknowledgement is important, allowing yourself to be yourself and allowing others to be who they are, is important.  Only you can be you, only you can do what you do the way you do it, only they can be them, and only they can do what they do the way they do it.  We all are important, we all have a journey, we all make a difference and we all contribute to what happens in life.  Live your life the way you want to live it, do what is right for you and you will attract what is rightfully yours.  

Love your life and life will love you back.


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