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Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

It’s ok to feel…

It’s ok to feel, it’s ok that you feel the way you do and it’s ok if others don’t feel the same.  It’s ok if you don’t know how you feel about what is happening, and it’s ok if you don’t know what it is you are feeling, if the feeling is foreign to you.  It’s ok to feel.

It’s easy to identify what you are feeling when you feel excited, or when you feel happy about what is happening.   But when something within you has been triggered, has risen to the surface, and is a response to what you are experiencing, it can be a challenge to accept what you are feeling, how you feel, and identifying the feeling can become tricky.  It’s a bit like when you want to change your look, but you don’t know what to, so you start exploring new styles, and experimenting to find what you like.  Exploring a feeling, sitting with it, can be intense and it can be uncomfortable.  You may be reluctant admit to yourself this is how you feel, you may even be afraid of what you are feeling, or the intensity of the feeling itself.   

Feelings can be confusing, sometimes how you feel will surprise you, you may react or respond in a surprising way.  It is important to address what you are feeling, because your feelings become your thoughts and your thoughts become your actions and your actions attract.

How you feel will be reflected in your self talk, notice how you are responding to what you are thinking.  Listen to how you speak, when you speak out loud about what you are experiencing.  How you speak about what is going on will reflect what you feel and you may be surprised about what you hear yourself saying.  

Your feelings matter, knowing how you feel, what you feel matters.  Fighting what you feel, fighting how you are feeling, creates conflict within you.  Feelings can haunt you.  Identifying what you feel, being honest with yourself about how you feel, can be daunting.  When you acknowledge what you are feeling, how you feel about what is happening, how you feel within you, the feeling itself will become less intense.  Intense feelings rise to be witnessed, to be acknowledged, to be felt, and help you realise what you truly believe, what is your truth about you, about who you are with, about what you are doing.  

Think about how you are responding to what you are feeling, is your response what you truly feel?  How you feel is what matters most to you, what is most important to you, what you are most passionate about.  Allow your passion to guide you.    

You have an opportunity for greatness here, here in the experience of what you feel, here in the experience of how you are feeling.  Though it may be uncomfortable, unpredictable, sad, lonely or even scary, you have an opportunity to get to know yourself more completely through what you feel when you feel it.  You are wonderfully resilient, and how you feel about you matters, because you matter.  You are unique, and what you experience is unique as well, only you experience what you are experiencing , only you have your perception of what is occurring within you, through what you are feeling. This experience is unique to you, and it is evolving you into who you will become, which is why you feel how you feel.  

It’s ok to be you, it’s ok to feel how you feel,  it’s ok allow what you feel to guide you to where you truly belong, to who you belong with, and to what you belong doing.  Life is to be lived, to be felt, to be experienced, allow yourself to feel.  

Be inspirational, this is your life, live it your way.  


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