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There is design to your life.


Holding space…

To hold space, being present in what you are experiencing, to sit with yourself and be there in this moment with all you feel and allow yourself to feel all you feel, will support you.  To hold space with someone else is just being there, being present in this moment they are experiencing and allowing them to feel what they feel, allowing them to just be in this moment, supports them.  Sitting with yourself or with someone else, without judgment, without prejudice, without assumption, simply giving yourself space to feel what you feel in the moment you are experiencing, or giving them the space to feel what they are feeling in the moment they are experiencing, is supportive.  

Giving yourself space to just be is cathartic, this is where you will heal, this is where you come to peace with what you are experiencing, this is when you release the need to control what is happening and just be present within it.  This is where you sit with yourself, allowing yourself to find you within what you are experiencing so you come to terms with what is taking place.  Giving yourself space to just be in this moment in time, to acknowledge how you are feeling, acknowledging this is how you feel without having to fix or do anything is being there for yourself.  The answers, the solutions, the pathways will all come to you when you are ready for them, here is this space all you need do is feel what you are feeling and acknowledge what is happening.    

Being there for someone else is sharing space with them as they go through what they are going through.  You give them the opportunity to feel safe in your presence, you give them the opportunity to be themselves as they go through what they are going through, just being there is supporting them and is often all the support they need.  The may not need you to offer solutions, to find pathways or to do anything for them except just be there.  They may not need your opinion or need you to say anything, they may just need you to listen and be there with them through whatever they are experiencing.  By just being there you are supporting them, by just holding their hand as they walk through this experience, you are supporting them.  

When we find ourselves in difficult situations or going through a tough time we often feel out of control and the need to control or to take charge of the situation is a reaction to the discomfort we are feeling.  Trying to control something that is out of your control, will only cause you to fight with yourself further and intensify the situation, whereas accepting and acknowledging what is happening and allowing yourself to feel what you feeling, identifying what you are feeling will help you through this experience.  Figuring out why you feel what you feel will help you find answers and pathways through this experience, sometimes we fight with ourselves over what is happening, give yourself the space to sit with and accept what is happening and allow the solutions to appear.

You are here in this experience to experience it, this is a part of your journey, the journey that is your life and you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t part of your journey.  So wherever you are, whatever you are experiencing, experience it to its fullest, be there for yourself, allow yourself to feel your way through it, allow yourself to flow through what is taking place.  Everything you experience is for the experience it gives you, you don’t have control it, you can go with the flow and see where it takes you.  Allow yourself the space to experience what you are experiencing, allow yourself to feel the way you feel and you will find you feel better.  

Love your life and life will love you back.


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