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There is design to your life.

Consciously interact with life

Uncover the truth of how you feel…

Life is always evolving in perpetual motion, situations arise or diminish, circumstances change, people come and go and through it all you evolve too.  This how you grow, how you bloom, sometimes you flourish and other times you may wilt but through everything you mature.  Uncovering the truth of how you feel and addressing what rises within you as you go through life and its transitions, makes you more aware of how you are interacting and reacting, you can learn so much about yourself through seeing how you are participating in each situation and how each situation affects you.  Uncovering the truth of how you are feeling highlights how you are moving through life, it reminds you of what is important to you, it is by allowing yourself to feel that you heal, you are feeling your way through life and life is feeling you.  

What rises within you is you reacting to what is occurring and your reaction also contributes to the situation, you play a role in what transpires and the role you are playing exposes your true feelings.  Uncovering the truth of how you feel and being conscious of how you are interacting can be very powerful, you have the power to escalate or lighten the severity of each situation, you have the power to find resolution in each situation and it all begins with the realisation of what you are feeling.  How you really feel reminds you of your what is important, having a big reaction to something shows you where there is work to be done, and when you do the work you raise your vibration.  You are an energetic being, you do vibrate, you react energetically, aspiring to behaving better, being a better person honours your value, celebrates the truth of who you are and helps you see the bigger picture in each situation.  Reading between the lines, considering there may be more going than meets the eye, will help you be less reactive, will help you choose how you interact and your interaction will have an impact.   

Your reaction may be an inner wound, an insecurity that has formed from a past experience or it could even be a past-life experience, some inner wounds are deeper than others and can catch you by surprise.  When an inner wound rises to the surface, it gives you the opportunity to address it and to work through it so it no longer affect your life, so you can heal and be your best self.  

How you move through life, your own way of dealing with change, the way you work through what life presents you with is your individual process, it’s the way go about living.  Others may have similar processes, share similar experiences and even though you share this experience, the way you cope or manage your situation is unique to you, your individual process, how you deal with what you are going through will differ from theirs.  And if you have been through something similar in the past, if it feels like you are repeating a past experience, the situation will not be the same, every situation is unique to the time it presents in your life, this time gives you have the opportunity do things differently.  Moving through change is what life is all about, life is in perpetual motion, what has worked for you in the past may not work for you now, you may need to settle into new circumstances and give yourself time to adjust.  You will get back into your rhythm of life and when you do the winds of change will blow again.  

The process of change is a life long process and uncovering the truth of how you are feeling, of what you are feeling and maybe why you are feeling it, gives you the opportunity to grow and life is about growth.  It is the experience of being in the experience you are experiencing, which is why it is called an experience.  Knowing you have your own way of moving through change, will help you trust the process you are moving through and trust your process will help you trust your life.  Life is exploring who you are through what you are experiencing, exploring what you can do and how you can do it, exploring how you cope and how you transition through periods of change, how you deal with this changeable environment.  

You are exploring the difference you can make, not only in your life but in the life of others as well, be the type of person you admire, be the person you are meant to be and you will grow with every one of life’s transitions.  Set about making changes, changes that honour your value, the gift you have to give to the world, changes that honour what you value most, so you can be empowered by the way you are giving it.  

Uncovering the truth of how you feel about where you are at now will bring you to where you need to be, to where you belong now and to who belongs there with you.  Uncovering the truth of how you feel about where you are at now will bring you to what you want to create now.  

This is your life and it really is up to you to make it be what you want it to be, you are powerful, every decision you make, every action you take makes a difference.  This is your life, it is evolving in perpetual motion and are evolving too.  

Love life and life will love you back.  


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