Just imagine if we all were brave enough to embrace our uniqueness and believe in our potential…

Be glorious

Having an impact…

What will you do while you are here where you are, what impact will you have here in this experience, where you are is exactly where you are meant to be for this very reason, not for why you are here, for what you do while you are here in this experience right now.  This experience is a unique moment in time, that needs you for who you are, the question isn’t why you are experiencing this, the question is what will you do with where you find yourself.  

You won’t be here in this moment again, you won’t have this experience again, you may have similar experiences but you will be a different you because of what you are experiencing right now.  Just as each experience evolves into the next, you evolve into who you are becoming through everything you experience.  

You, as you know yourself right now, won’t be here in this experience again, because this experience will have evolved you, it will change you into who you becoming which is why you have chosen this experience.  You have chosen to experience this to gain a different awareness, a greater understanding, through having this experience you will be more experienced.  So you won’t have an opportunity quite like this opportunity again.  Of-course you may have similar experiences, and they may indeed feel like a repeat of what you are experiencing right now, but you will have this experience to draw from and you have an awareness you didn’t have here in this experience, in this moment in time.  

So here you are, in this unique moment in time, with an opportunity to do something you won’t have the opportunity to do again.  Are you making the most of where you are in this unique moment in time, are you expressing who you are through what you are doing?

 Are you aware of your impact on this unique moment in time, you are an energetic being, and your energy contributes to what you experience,  your energy contributes to the situation you find yourself in right now, in this unique moment in time.  What are you contributing to in this unique moment in time, how will your actions impact this experience?

These questions can be applied to any situation you find yourself in, no matter how you are feeling about where you are, they can help you navigate your way through what you are experiencing.  You may find yourself stuck focusing on why are in this predicament having this experience, rather than focusing on what you can do with what you are experiencing and what your impact will be on this experience.  You have a unique opportunity to embrace where you are, to be who you are, to be who you want to be, within this experience.  You have a unique opportunity to remind yourself that you are contributing to this experience, that you have an impact on what is being experienced, you can change what is being experienced by being who you want to be.  

This experience in this unique moment in time that is evolving you, where it takes you, is up to you, how you impact it is up to you too.  

You have an impact, you are contributing, you are a valuable part of each experience you have, which is why you are experiencing it.  No matter what you are experiencing, what life is throwing at you, aspire to have a glorious impact, because you are glorious in who you are.  No matter what life throws at you, be you, because you are unique and your uniqueness contributes to what happens.  Only you can be you, only you can do what you do, the way you do it.  

Be inspired by you.