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Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

Embracing the in-between…

Stepping out of the comfortable space you’ve been existing in, whether by choice or thrust upon you, begins a transition and you enter in the in-between, you are in-between the life that was and the life you are evolving into.  

Being in the in-between may be scary, may be uncertain, may be unpredictable, but if you are brave enough to embrace the unknown, it can be exciting, invigorating and motivating. If you dare to just be here in this space, in the void that exists when you are in-between worlds, you may discover there is so much more to be experienced here.  

You may discover more about you, you may discover how your have grown, how your experiences have evolved you into who you have become and how your life has expanded. You may discover how you have changed, and how your idea’s about life have changed.  You may discover how you lost yourself, how you forgot what mattered most to you, how you didn’t stand up for who you are. 

Breaking a habit, a pattern of behaviour, and daring to create something different, to do life differently, can inspire greatness within you.  Be curious about the life you are creating, dare to imagine who you can become, and what you can create.  Be courageous and embrace the in-between, allow your ideas to evolve, allow desires to awaken within you, as you explore who you are now.   

Embrace the void transition brings, the gap between what has been, and what is to come.  Be curious about what may happen, about where this is taking you, about where you will end up.  Allow to pull of attraction, the desire to find where you belong, to guide you in the choices you make.  Allow yourself to explore who you are becoming, you are growing, you are evolving through what you are experiencing here in the unknown, in the in-between.  

This space, this void, this experience is unique, it’s a new space, even though you may have experienced something similar, it is not the same, you are not the same, you have grown and evolved through what you have already experienced, so you this experience is different.  This space, this void is where you can find your voice, where you find your expression, you can create a life that is a living expression of who you really are.  

Be confident in who you are, you are unique, your experiences are unique, there is only one you.  Only you can do you, only you can be you, only you know who you are. Get to know yourself, explore what it is you want, what you desire, and where your desire leads you.  Get to know yourself, explore what you believe, what your beliefs are, and stand up for what you believe, because there is only one you, and you are exactly what you need you to be.  

Creating a life that is a living expression of who you really are, will lead you to where you belong, and who you belongs there with you.  Hanging out with like-minded souls will help you become who you are becoming.  Hanging out with likeminded souls will help them become who they are becoming.  You can’t meet who you are meant to meet if you are not expressing who you really are.  

Creating a life that is a living expression of you really are, will lead you to where you belong and what you belong doing there.  You are who you imagine yourself to be.  You are valuable, you are worthy and you do have something unique to bring to the world, because only you can be you, only you can do what you do the way you do it.  

Be inspirational.


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