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Inner wounds

Inner wounds…

We all have inner wounds, some are deeper than others, some we are aware of and others take us by surprise.  Being conscious of how you are interacting and how you are reacting to what your life presents you with will help you recognise and begin to heal your inner wounds.  We all are wounded, we all have past experiences that have stuck with us, we all have been disappointed, hurt or injured in some way through what we have experienced.  

An inner wound may present itself as a judgment or an assumption and they can trigger some intense reactions to situations, to certain people and environments you inhabit.  Becoming conscious of the an inner wound gives you the opportunity to address it and to begin to heal, to work through what rises within you when you are triggered.  

Noticing when you are triggered and recognising the wound itself, is how you move through and release what you have previously experienced.  Something shifts within you when an inner wound is recognised and this awareness means it can no longer wreaks havoc in your life, you begin to feel differently and you are liberated somehow.  When you react in a way that is out of character, or in a way that isn’t how you want to behave, the reaction shows you there is something to work through so that you can begin to heal it.  We all have stuff to heal, embracing the process of healing begins with the realisation there is work to be done, the realisation  of how this is affecting you and how it is impacting this life you are busy creating.   

Notice the way you move through life, be aware of what you are doing and how you are interacting, are you interacting in a way you feel good about yourself?  Feeling good about what you are doing, about how you behave, brings confidence and fulfilment.  Become aware of what really matters, of what is most important to you, where you are happiest and what you enjoy about your life, what you enjoy doing, how you enjoy being.  This shows you where you belong and what you belong doing, see how far you’ve come, draw on your past experiences to give you the confidence to be who you want to be and to do what you want to do, so that you create what you want to create.  

Let go of what holds you back from becoming who you want to become, from doing what you want to do, recognise when you are triggered, and what is triggering you.  There is a rationality in putting experiences into perspective, being emotionally triggered influences your perception of what is really going on and things can get blown out of proportion.  Let go of the expectation that you have to be perfect all the time, or that perfection even exists.  You are who you are because of what you have experienced and each experience is valuable as it shapes who you become, difficult experiences can cloud your judgment, accepting and releasing your past will help your inner wounds heal.  

Recognise where you are happiest, recognise what you are happiest doing, recognise who you are happiest being.  Strive to find this happiness in your life, this life you are living and experiencing for the experience of it.  

Love your inner wounds, embrace the experience they give you and forgive yourself for being human, for having flaws, for doing all you’ve done because you wouldn’t be you now if you hadn’t been where you’ve been.  

Love all of you, the light and the dark, recognise who you are, see where you belong, what you belong doing and who belongs there with you.  

Love your life and life will love you back.


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