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Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

Intuition in action…

Intuition in action is when you act upon a feeling, a hunch, an instinct, when you know what you are sensing is right for you, and you allow yourself to trust  and follow where this sensation leads you, and you feel compelled to take action.   

Intuition in action is when you are moved into action, and you know instinctively this action is the right action for you to take and the reward is synchronicity.  You find yourself in the perfect place, at the perfect time, for the perfect situation to exist.     

Your intuition can make your mind up for you when you are being indecisive. This deep sense of knowingness that exists within you, is available to you in every decision you make.  The more you allow yourself to trust what you sense, what occurs to you as you ponder a choice, what occurs to you in your decision making process, the stronger your intuition becomes.  

The more you act upon your intuition, the more you trust what you are sensing, this deeper sense of  trust and belief in what you are intuiting, allows you to knows what is right for you.  When you allow yourself to be divinely guided through the choices you are making, your trust is rewarded, you are divinely guided to where you are meant to be.  

Being conflicted about a choice leads to indecision, and indecision leads to confusion.  You confuse yourself, you want something, but you don’t act like you want it, you can’t trust yourself, so you can’t trust others, you can’t trust your choices you make so you can’t make a commitment to the choice you are making.  Instead of trusting what is occurring in your life, you question what is happening, you question your motivations, you question the motivations of others.  You question your intentions, you questions the intentions of others and you forget yourself.  You forget how wonderful you are, you forget how amazing your life is, and you forget that where you find yourself is exactly where you are meant to be, that everything you live through is evolving you to who you will become.      

Imagine if you did trust yourself enough to believe you are being guided in the right direction, and that you are making the right choice. Imagine if you trusted yourself enough to believe everything happens for a reason, and the reason you find yourself presented with this choice is exactly what the choice is about.  Imagine if you trusted yourself so much that you believed in what you were doing, that your actions have a purpose, and are of benefit because you are a living  part of what is being created.  Imagine if you believed in you.  

Intuition in action is all about trust.  Developing a greater sense of trust within you, will help you choose what’s right for you.  Even what seems to be wrong choices in life end up being the right choices your as life unfolds.  Trust the choice you are making, trust this choice is the right choice for you, trust this choice is right moment for you to make this choice, because somewhere within you, you know this choice is leading you to where you need to be.  

Trust yourself, trust your life, believe in you and allow your intuition to guide you to what is right for you. Trust yourself, believe in you and allow yourself to feel your way through your life, to listen to your inner knowing, and allow your inner voice to guide to where you are going.  Trust yourself and believe in you, allow yourself to find what you are looking for, to find where you belong, and what you belong doing.  

Enjoy the life you are creating, and become who you are becoming.  

Be inspirational.


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