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There is design to your life.

Intuitive flow…

Sometimes in life our intuition speaks loudly and we find it easy to pay attention to what we are sensing, but when it’s just a whisper it’s harder to hear.  We all have it, it is our sixth sense a feeling, a hunch, a knowing, it’s natural like our other senses, though at times not as recognisable.  It’s a bit like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets, the more you recognise the clearer it speaks.  Your intuition is as real as your other senses, sight, touch, smell, and like your other senses, influences your perception on what is occurring in your life.   

We all have stories in which something otherworldly, some unexplained knowing, compelled us into action.  Intuition isn’t otherworldly, it is explainable, in these situations your intuitive nature kicked into gear and directed you into action.

There will be any number of occurrences where you have experienced this without really thinking about what you were doing, when you’ve acted on hunches and inklings and found yourself positioned in the perfect place at the perfect time for the perfect thing to happen.  Or situations where you didn’t act upon your intuition and now recognise why you felt the way you felt about what was transpiring.

Your intuition is a voice within you and a part of the inner dialogue you listen to.  Your inner dialogue is the conversation you have with yourself when presented with change or different or new circumstances or new people.  Your inner dialogue is made up of others voices as well, like fears and insecurities, self-worth, confidence and self-interest, so it can be difficult to discern which voice you are listening to in any given situation.  It takes awareness to recognise which voice you are hearing.  You do have the ability to tap into this inner awareness and allow it to guide you in your life.  It assists your perception of what is happening and is often the thing you can’t quite put your finger on.  You may feel like you are going nuts, but it will bug you or niggle away at you to get your attention, even if it contradicts what you are outwardly experiencing.  Often you may find no clear reason at all why you are feeling what you are feeling.  This deeper sense of knowing, whether loud or subtle, is always present and the more you trust it, the stronger it becomes.  If you allow yourself to feel your way through situations without questioning or second guessing what you are sensing, that trust will develop, you will start trusting yourself.  

Take some time to witness this in action, see how you are being guided through life, see what you knew instinctively, and what happened when you acted on your instincts.  Take time to listen, to allow it to speak within you, to use this sense when you are presented with choice.  Allow yourself to do what is right for you.  When you trust yourself, when you trust your life, life is less confusing, you witness more clarity in what you are doing, and why you are doing it.  Allow your intuition to flow, know what you know, believe in yourself and create the life you came here to live.  Trust yourself and find what you are looking for, find where you belong, who belongs there with you and what you belong doing.  You do know, you have always known, all you need do is listen.  Do what sits with you, you have an inner awareness that knows what to do, that knows what is right for you, follow it’s guidance because it is you.  

Be inspired by who you are. 


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