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Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

Great ideas worth investing in.

Investing in yourself…

Idea’s come and go but the ones that stay with you, that resonate the most with you, that keep calling out to you, are the ones where there is this knowingness they are possible, this knowingness you can make them a reality.  Somewhere within you they speak to your soul and challenge you, you may question yourself, but deep in your boringness you know this is something you can do. There is a feeling, the feeling is the seed, it’s the birth of the idea itself, that stays with you and keeps showing up even when you are distracted by life, they are the ideas you keep coming back to it.  This is how you know you have a great idea, as time passes it is still with you, it’s still there.  

This attraction will have been with you for a while now, sitting there within you and rising every so often, it quietly slips into your consciousness and reminds you there is more you can do, there is more to aim for.  This is idea is great idea, it is a prominent idea, a repetitive idea and now that the winds of change are blowing, maybe now it’s time to begin it’s journey, maybe now you feel the excitement in the air, the inspiration it brings with it, it is a great idea and you know it.  You back yourself, you invest in yourself and allow it grow on you, you allow yourself to grow with it, you become more confident because you know you really want this,  it feels like it’s something you have to do, it’s calling seems stronger and you know within you it is possible.

This is the idea that you keep coming back to when you feel a little lost, it’s the idea you really want to develop, it’s the idea you entertain yourself with when you feel bored with life.  This idea has grown and evolved over time, as you have grown and evolved over time, it is growing and so are you.  How you grow and how it grows depends on how committed you are, how invested you are, you want to prove worthy of it, you become loyal to it and allow it to remain with you.  This is how you make your investment pay off, you invest your time and effort into creating what you really want, you are invested in making it happen, you begin and you grow.     

You will up for the challenge because of the commitment you are making, you know it will challenge you, new beginnings are uncomfortable, they require stepping out of your comfort zone.  You will have doubts, you may feel like an imposter, but you won’t let this stop you, you know this is what you what, you keep returning to it, it keeps calling to you.  The more you do, the more you evolve with it, your confidence grows,  the more you do, the more you practise, the more you comfortable you feel.  This journey will challenge you, it will also delight you, it will inspire you and fulfil you.  With each step you gain greater insight, insight into just how capable you are, the higher you go the more you can see, each step brings you closer to who you want to be.  You have a great idea and you know it, it’s right for you, it fits you, it suits you, it’s walking with you and it’s asking you to walk your talk.  It’s the idea that show up when you need it most, it brings with it the answers you seek, it brings with the motivation you lack, it is a glimpse into what is possible.  It is a glimpse into what who you are, your truth, your sense of self and all it takes is belief, commitment and practise, this time when it surfaces you may be ready, this time may be the time you do it.  

Knowing what is right for you isn’t always easy, knowing what real is easy either, but what is right for you come to you, the right people, the right places, the right times.  Remind yourself of what really matters, of what you are aspiring to, of what you are creating, believe in your vision and see yourself working within it.  Maybe now is the time, maybe this time you will do it, maybe this time you will bring this vision into being and recognise the greatness that is you as you step into creating the life you know were born for. 

Love your life and life will love you back.


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