My Intuitive


Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

Life is happening…

Sometimes in life we need reminding that life exists all around us, no matter what is going on, the sun still rises in the morning and sets in the afternoon, the moon shines through night and the sea ebbs and flows as if to take a breath with each wave.  Allow a sense of calm will wash over you.

Sometimes in life we need to reminding that life exists all around us, go outside, look to the sky, notice the clouds as they move gently past you, their form, their shape, see the air in action as they twist and turn.  Allow a sense of wonder ignite your imagination.

Sometimes in life we need reminding that life exists all around us, sit and listen to the sounds of life in your neighbourhood, hear the children innocently playing, their laughter or their cries and adopt their sense of wonder in what they are experiencing.  Allow your heart to sing too.  

Sometimes we are so busy doing what we must, we forget to stop and smell the roses, to stop and notice the life that exists around us. We don’t see how the plants continue to evolve without our intervention, how they take over their space, how they breathe.  We don’t notice the subtle smells that exists and miss out on the fond memories they trigger.  Allow yourself to breathe in all that nature offers you, because you belong here in this life, alongside all that is happening around you.    

Even if you are surrounded by concrete, life still exists around you.  The birds still chatter and fly past, the ant’s will be busy going about their day, and hopefully a bee will grace you with it’s presence and think you are a flower (I love that meme).  You’ll find when you stop to notice the life that exist around you, you’ll notice it more and more, and you will begin to feel connected, because you are a living part of what surrounds you, you contribute by your interaction.  

Notice the couple across the street, see the love they have for each other each time they embrace.  Notice the dog down the road who’s curious about who you are as you walk past.  Notice the guy that runs past your house on his morning routine ritual.  Notice the faces in the crowd.  Hear the sounds of laughter, the murmurs of deep conversations, the humm of life as it exists around you wherever you find yourself.  Connect to your neighbourhood, because you live there too.    

As you sit with your morning coffee, appreciate your senses, smell it’s aroma, sip and savour each sensation as you taste it’s flavour, feel the warmth of its touches the sides of your belly.  Savour each mouthful you take as you munch on your meal, allow the sensation of it’s flavour.  

Even in the most boring of moments, life is happening all around you, waiting for you to embrace it, and this is what makes your life interesting.  Take time to sit and breathe in the nature that is around you.  Look out the window, wonder what’s going on down the street, make these moments more interesting.  Use your imagination and allow yourself to be curious about what you are experiencing as well as what else may be happening.  

Celebrate what it is to be alive, because you are a living part of your life, what you create with where you find yourself, is up to you.  Appreciate your value, what you contribute to your ecosystem, and live in the wonder of each moment as you move on to the next.  Be curious, explore and evolve. 

Be inspirational.


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