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An Intuitive Life – Living Intuitively

Intuition is an instinctual, a feeling, a knowing, a truth, a sense just like sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, we all have this ability to know what we know, the ability to trust this knowing, there is no need to debate it, there is no need question it, we just know it.  It resides within us, it’s subtle but strong, and the more we trust it, the stronger it becomes, it is a part of us, it is our inner guidance system, and available to us whenever we call upon it.

The Oxford dictionary defines Intuition in this way “The ability to understand something instinctively with out the need for conscious reasoning”.  Intuition is an instinct.  Instinct is defined as “a natural intuitive power, a natural or innate impulse, inclination or tendency, a natural aptitude”.  We all have this ability naturally and the way to develop it is to use it, it takes practise and begins with knowing oneself.

Knowing oneself is not as easy as it sounds…

Knowing oneself is not as easy as it sounds, it takes courage to be honest and accepting of who we are, this in itself is liberating and well worth contemplating.  Knowing oneself helps identify our intuitive voice, know oneself helps distinguish this inner voice from our other inner dialogues, if you know yourself well you recognise anxiety when you feel it, you acknowledge self doubt when it is holding you back, you know when low self worth is limiting your choices.  Knowing oneself helps you trust and believe in the life you are living, in the life you have lived and the choices you are making.  Getting to know yourself more fully is worth the effort, even if it is uncomfortable at times, trust develops, like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it becomes.  As you move through these feelings there is another voice, a deep instinctual voice, it is always present and with trust your Intuitive voice strengthens as well.   

It begins with your inner dialogue and discernment of which voice is speaking, accepting what you are perceiving, and trusting you own knowingness. 

Intuition is a sense and just like our other senses it can be strong or weak, just like a strong taste, or a strong smell or a hint of either, sometimes it speaks loudly and screams at us and other times it is just a whisper, a subtle knowing but a knowing just the sam and the more you trust yourself,  the more you act intuitively, the stronger your intuition becomes.  It may just be something you feel, something that you can’t quite put your finger on but its there, niggling away at you, when you choose to acknowledge it becomes louder, when you choose to act upon it, it proves it’s worthy of this action, time and time again.  

We all have stories in which something otherworldly happened (which of course intuition isn’t, it’s internal and as natural as breathing), some unexplained knowing we felt that was so compelling, we went in a different direction or changed our attitude, something that guided us to a more fulfilling route.   

The trick is not to question yourself…

It could be that we found ourselves attracted to going to a particular place somewhere we wouldn’t normally go to and found our tribe or met the love of our life.  Or it could be the day we came home a different route, because we felt this urge to turn down that street or around that corner and ended driving past our next home which had just come onto the market, or avoided the delay caused by roadworks or accidents.  

Or felt compelled to check out a particular store only to find a great bargain, or applied for a position in a field or career that we just knew was right for us.  There are so many occurrences we have experienced without really thinking about them, where our hunches, our inklings have positioned us in the right place.  Being able to identify and accept this instinctual voice, recognising when you listened to it, when you acted upon it, you will begin to see it’s relevance in your life, these occurrences weren’t simple coincidence, they were synchronicity, you were positioned in the right place at the right time to be able to do what is right for you.    

Of-course these synchronicities all the time, the smaller ones are more common happenings, like knowing the phone was about to ring when it did, knowing who was ringing before you looked at your phone, like thinking someone was coming and they did, or you went outside to investigate only to find something interesting going on in the street.  It’s easier to trust oneself if we start to notice how our intuition is already working in our daily lives, recognising our intuition guiding us through our daily lives will help us trust its voice, help us recognise its guidance through the big changes in life, like changing careers, or moving states, or buying houses, we become more confident in the decisions we make.  

The trick is to not question why you feel you what you feel, just explore what you are feeling, what this feeling could mean and see where it takes you, life is an adventure when you live it this way.  When uncomfortable feelings occur it’s a little more difficult to discern, looking for warnings rather than opportunities won’t help you trust your inner voice, it could be anxiety rather than the actual feeling of foreboding.  When you start to see your life is an opportunity to get to know yourself more fully, life becomes more adventurous, less intense somehow, the more you trust yourself and the more you trust what happens in your life, the stronger you are guidance system becomes.  Anxiety is a tricky one, but as my wonderfully Autistic son tells me, sometimes the anxiety can be overridden by the excitement of what you are doing, especially if you are really into what you are doing.  Anxiety will stop you enjoying this life you came here to live, and like Intuition, the more you act upon it, the stronger it becomes.   Identifying how it feels when something feels right, will help you trust yourself, and the more you trust yourself, the more you will recognise which inner voice is calling to you.  You will start to recognise what feels right and what doesn’t, and sense when you are being forewarned.  

Welcome to the world of inner knowing…

There are moments when we feel like something might be happening, circumstances changing, like when we get this sense that somethings not quite right with a friend, so we get in touch and they open up and let it all out.  So therapeutic.  There are also physical sensations that come with tuning in to our intuition like goosebumps or chills, like stomach knots or feeling sick, these is all part of recognising our instinctual knowing, the chills or goosebumps generally mean what you are you saying is real to you, the knots or sick feelings generally are something you are anxious about.  

We can even feel our soul dancing, like when we meet someone, our heart skips a beat, or we blush, or we break into a sweat, we experience a soul recognition.  It’s the same when we meet someone and we just click, we feel like we have known each other forever, it is because we have known each other forever, even though we may have just met again in this lifetime.  These are subtle recognitions that come with soul connections, and yes you may wonder if you are nuts, but somehow you know you aren’t, because you trust what you sense.   

Our feelings are as real as our other senses, and like our other senses, influenced by our individual perceptions, it’s similar to a persons perception of colour, like Aqua is blue to some and green to others.  We are individuals and are unique, so the way we perceive what we are feeling is unique as well, there is no one size fits all, how you intuitive sense is unique to you, as individual as you are even though you will resonate with common experiences of it.  

Allow yourself the luxury of knowing yourself well and trust your own individual inner guidance system because it is there to walk you through this life and it makes life way more interesting.  Welcome to the world of inner knowing, intuitive knowing, a world of subtleties and signals, a world of recognition and playfulness, life is an adventure and you are here to explore it.   

Love life and life will love you back.


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