My Intuitive


Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

Living life intuitively…

You do know, you know, you have always known, you may not have listened but you have always known.  There is an intuitive side to your nature that helps you navigate your way through life, it is there calling to you, speaking within you and all you need is listen.  

Being aware of the intuitive side of your nature, listening to what speaks within you and acting upon it, requires trust.  This knowing that comes upon you, that calls to you, wants you to listen, wants you to hear, and wants you to trust you because it comes from within you, it is you, it is your truth and if you can’t trust yourself who can you trust.  

Being able to recognise when your intuitive nature speaks, takes practise and the more you allow yourself to be guided by your intuition, the stronger it’s voice becomes.  The more you trust, the more you recognise this voice, the more you listen, the less you question, the less you doubt yourself.  

This is an awareness that may not be obvious, that may be quite subtle, and it may contradict what you are witnessing around you.  This is an awareness that may have you wondering why you feel the way you feel.  This is an awareness that asks you to follow its wisdom so you can be confident in the decisions you make and the actions you take.  

You will have to know yourself well, you will have to believe in yourself, you will have to trust yourself and believe in the life you are living.  Get to know yourself more deeply, recognise when your life is flowing, when you feel connected to the path you are on, when you feel like this is where you belong.  Recognise when fear creates uncertainty, when doubt creeps in and stops you from believing in what you are doing, stops you from living the life you came here to live.  Recognise and follow what feels right to you rather than what feels wrong.  Fear and insecurities created from past experience can hold you back from being who you know you really are.  And you do know who you are, you have always known, all you need do is trust and believe in what you are doing.  It is much easier to trust what feels right.  This is your life, the life you came here to live,  what you do with it is up to you, choose to live it intuitively.   

Living your life intuitively, means you feel your way through what life presents you with, you trust and believe you in the guidance that is available to you, that speaks within you.  Living your life intuitively allows you to trust yourself more, to allow your life to flow and it’s surprising how easily life flows when you believe in what you are doing.  

Pay attention to what calls to you, pay attention to what feels right, to what feels natural, allow your intuitive nature to guide you.  When your life flows you find yourself in the right place at the right time for the right things to happen, this synchronicity exists, and you tap into it by trusting yourself.  You can trust yourself, you can trust what you know, what you’ve always know about who you are, and what you believe.  You can believe in what you are doing, you can tap into the guidance that is available within you and allow yourself to be guided to where you belong and to who belongs there with you.

Live your life intuitively, you do know, you have always known, this is the life you were born to live, and it is up to you to be who you know you are.   

Be inspired by who you are. 


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