My Intuitive


Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

You are love

Love begins with you…

Love begins with you, loving who you are, loving where you are in your life and loving life itself, when you love life, life itself loves you back and you feel it.  You are here to explore what you love, to find passion in what you do and to be in love with the life you are creating, so you can find where you belong.       

Love begins with you, this is where you belong, this is where you discover more about yourself and know what is in your heart, what your heart wants.  Your heart knows what you want, your heart knows where you belong, your heart knows what you are missing, your heart knows where you will find what you are seeking, you heart knows you.  When you follow your heart, when you are your true to yourself, when you love your life, life loves you back.

When life loves you back everything feels connected, you feel connected with that which you are always known, you encounter a oneness within you.  This is where you witness the design that exists in your life, you are at one with life itself, it is the sense of connection that touches you so profoundly, the belonging and the recognition that creates the desires that rise within you and inspires you to be the real you, your soul remembers who you are. 

Love begins with you, love who you are, be in love with life, be touched by what you encounter and know this is where you belong.  There is a greatness within you, feel its wonder, feel the confidence it gives you, feel its desire.  Allow yourself to want what you want, allow yourself to acknowledge this is what you want, allow yourself to explore where this takes you.  Only you can be you, only you do what you do the way you do it, it is your gift.  You are gifted and your world needs you to be you, so you find be where you belong, so that you find what you belong doing, and find who belongs there with you.  This is your gift, the gift of who you are, give freely, love and be loved, embrace the love in your life, live and let live, embrace all beliefs and allow others to be who are.  

Love begins with you, you are love, you are full of passion and romance, it’s time to romance yourself, it’s time to allow yourself to be in love who you are, it’s time to love the life you are creating.  This is a true love, an unconditional love, and a more fulfilling love, and only you have the power to create it.  Love begins with you, love yourself unconditionally and others will too, love the life you are creating and life will love you back.   

So be kind, be gentle and be compassionate, because you are you and only you can be you.  You can love yourself for being who you are, you can love yourself so that others can love you too, love the life you are creating and life will love you back.  

Love begins with you and it flows from within you, you love and are loved, this is life’s blessing, this life is your life, love all of it and it will love you back.


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