We are all so talented…

Just imagine you were brave enough to embrace your talents

and believe in yourself…

Be loved

Lets talk about love…

Lets talk about love and how it begins with you, how you feel about you, if you love who you are, if you allow yourself to be loved, if you love your life.   

Feeling good about you is important, feeling good about what you do is important, and feeling good about your life is important.  Because you are important, you have something to say, you have something to bring, you have something to be.  If you don’t feel good about you, you won’t be yourself, and if you aren’t yourself, who are you?  

Notice to what speaks to you, notice when you hear yourself saying “Oh I love this about me!”  Identify what you love about you, the qualities you admire in yourself.  You notice these qualities in others because they are within you.   

Notice when you are  happy, notice when you hear yourself saying “I love who I am at the moment!”  Identify what makes you happy, what makes your soul sing, this is what will show you where you belong.   

You belong here in this life, expressing your individuality, exploring what makes you tick, finding the things that bring you joy, finding what you love, so you feel good about you.  You are loveable, be in love with you, with who you are, with what you do, only you can do what you do the way you do it.  

On good days, when the suns out, it’s easy to celebrate who you are.  You find yourself smiling when you think about your life and loving where you are in it.  But on other days, things may not be quite so clear, these days are the days where you will need to remind yourself how special you are, how wonderfully unique you are, and how much you love you.  You may feel vulnerable and begin to doubt yourself, you can trust you and you can trust your life, you can trust what is occurring in your life today as well.  You are exactly where you need to be, to get you to where you are going, to find where you belong, everything you experience is evolving you.

On bad days, wrap yourself in cottonwool and find comfort in where you are, know you are moving through this day, know this day will bring realisations and new perceptions, know this day will evolve you.  You are where you need to be, because you are there.  You can trust what is occurring, you can trust there is a bigger picture happening here, and you will feel better.  Moving through what you are moving through will become easier somehow by allowing yourself to feel what you feel.  Allow yourself to be here in this day and know you are safe, you are safe being you.  

On bad days do something you love to do, something that always makes you feel happier.  Little rituals matter, remind yourself you can trust you, remind yourself who are here, because here is where you need to be to get to find where you belong.  Put on some music and dance, dancing, movement, rhythm are great ways to shift heavier energy  Listen to a podcast, or a reading that’s uplifting to revitalise your belief in what is happening.  Allow yourself to feel, allow yourself to be, right here in this day and know you are safe with you.  

Do what you love, be who you love to be, embrace your individuality, you are beautiful in your uniqueness.  Know you are loved, allow yourself to be loved, allow yourself to be you.  

When you love and care about you, you will find your life supports you, you will find love in your life, because this is love, and it begins with you.  

Be inspired by who you are.