We are all so talented…

Just imagine you were brave enough to embrace your talents

and believe in yourself…

You've got this


Mastery is an ongoing process, it takes practise, it is the practise of defining what is creating havoc in your life, figuring out what has served it’s purpose and liberating yourself from what is limiting you from creating the life you came here to live.  Figuring out what is going on, what you no longer need and what you really want, through what is presenting in your life, is the process of mastering your circumstances and will lead you to create what you truly desire. 

Through this process you discover so much more about you, about what you are doing, how you are contributing to what is presenting in your life.  You may think you there is nothing you can do about what is happening, you may think you are not equipped with the talents, the abilities, the skills, or the strength, to make the change you know you want to make.  You may feel limited, you may feel like you are not enough, or you haven’t got enough, or you simply can’t, and this limitation may be stopping you from living the life you really want to live.  When you realise something is holding you back, stopping you from creating what you want to create, the challenge is to master the limitation you perceive.  There is a reason why you want what you want, there is a reason why you desire what you desire, there is a reason why you aspire to what you aspire to.  Your desire has potential, it can motivate you if you let it, if you can imagine it, you can master it.  

Are you up for the challenge, can you go the distance?  Having realised what is holding you back, having realised you have something to master, you can identify what you need to do. You have a vision of what is possible, what you can create, and if you believe you can, you can, that is why you can see the potential in what you desire. You have potential, you have talent, you have strengths and you can draw upon the what comes naturally to you, to help you create what you desire. 

If you stop seeing limitations and start seeing possibilities in what is presenting in your life, if you believe you have what it takes, you will embrace your abilities, your resilience, and your strengths and if you knew it would all work out, if you believed it is possible, you’d do it.  This is how you breathe life into your desires, this is how you let go of limitations and this is how you embrace the talents you were born with.  You can create a life that is aligned to what you truly want, a life you came here to live, to experience, to master.  

Somewhere along the way, you may have forgotten just how talented you are, just how brave you are, just how capable you are.  Somewhere along the way you may have forgotten who you truly are.  Now when you remember what is possible, now you remember how it feels when you challenge yourself, you remember what it is to be you and you become brave enough to embrace your talents, and to believe in what you are doing, to believe in you.   

You know there is a reason why you want what you want and with this creation is taking place, you can begin to bring that desire into being.  This desire is a part of you, a way of life, that is evolving you into who you are becoming, you are the master of your destiny.  

Have the confidence to see past limitations, believe in yourself, you have the ability, you have the talent, you have the strength, trust you have what it takes, because where this takes you, is up to you. This is your life, a life you came to experience, a life you can live the way you want to live it, because only you are you. 

Be your own inspiration.