My Intuitive


Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

Meant to be

See the meaning…

The search for meaning, not answers or solutions, simply seeking understanding in what is being experienced, finding meaning to this experience is reassuring.  It’s reassurance is in the understanding that there is reason or purpose to what is being experienced, that life itself is worthwhile, is meaningful and a meaningful life is fulfilling.  

We all seek our own truth in everything we experience, it’s how we perceive our experiences, the truth we seek is what gives our life meaning and having meaning in our life comforts us as we journey through the experience it gives us.  The knowledge there is a reason to what is unfolding gives us strength in times of difficulty.  The knowledge that there is purpose in what is happening gives us courage to continue to create the life we want to live. The knowledge that there is meaning to what unfolds helps us develop trust and when we trust life we are present.

Developing this understanding will help you navigate your way through anything life presents you with.  Understanding that life is purposeful and  there is meaning to life will help you live a meaningful life.  A meaningful life is a fulfilling life, a fulfilling life is a happy life, your life doesn’t have be a continual struggle, it can be an adventure.  You don’t have to measure up to anything, you don’t have be anything but yourself, because who you are is exactly who you are meant to be, only you are you, and only you can do what you do the way you do it.

Being curious about what is showing up in your life will help you do what is right for you and doing what is right for you is what you are meant to be doing.  Being curious about what is showing up in your life will help you understand what you are seeking, what you are looking for, what you are creating.  We all are seekers, we all have come here to discover more about who we are and what makes us tick, what’s real, what is important, what matters.   Living a meaningful life is what matters and finding meaning in your life will give you the courage to create a live worth living.   

All you need do is know yourself and that no matter what life presents you with you can still be you, you may be a new version of you depending on what you have experienced, but you are still you.  Be honest with yourself, be true to what you believe, discover your truth, when you know what makes you tick, you find what you are seeking.  There is a reason you are you, you are meaningful and your life is full of meaning, this is what it means to be you.  

Live up to your standards, because what you value is in you, you have value, do what is right for you because this is what you are meant to do.  There is no pressure to be anything you don’t want to be, there is no pressure to do anything you don’t want to do, there is no timeframe, everything happens in it’s own time, in it’s own way, and all you need to be is you.  Because you are unique, only you are you and your life is uniquely designed by you through the way you live it, by who you are and what you do, what you do is important because you are important.  

Live your truth, live a life you are happy living and do what you are happy doing. This is your life and there is a reason you are here living it, there is purpose in what you are doing, because this is what you belong doing and when you do what you belong doing you find where you belong and who belongs there with you.  

Love your life and life will love you back.


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