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My Intuitive Vibes created to inspire the greatness in you…

We are all so talented, just imagine if we were all brave enough to embrace our talents and believe in who we really are…

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Be Brave, Be confident

You are complete…

Know that you are loveable and you are loved. Know that you are considerable and you are enough.   Know that you are valuable and you are important.  Know that you are capable and you are everything you need to be.   You can attract what you desire when you love and value yourself, you

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Trust today’s you…

Trust todays you, this experience today is not what you experienced yesterday even if you may feel it is similar, you have the wisdom of yesterday. You can trust todays you, where you have been and what you have seen has prepared you for today.  You can trust todays you, you can trust who you

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A better place

The power of nurture…

Happy Mothers Day to all our beautiful mothers, other mothers and nurturers, who bring grace to our lives, who lovingly energise just by being who they are.  Mothering comes in all forms, you don’t have to be a mother to mother, we mother our friends, we mother our families, we mother our partners, we mother

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Trust yourself

You do know…

There is a difference between thinking and knowing, thinking creates your perception on what is happening, knowing taps into what already exists, what’s already written, and it is this knowing that guides you through life.  What you think is influenced by your perspective on what is happening, what you know is a deeper sense of

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Be happy

Your life is a blessing…

It’s Anzac Day tomorrow, please take a moment to appreciate this life you have the privilege living and please be grateful for the brave men and women who continue to fight for and have fought for your right to have the freedom to live the way you want to live.   Find gratitude and appreciate

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Have fun being you

The resurrection within you…

Happy Easter. Did you know the date chosen for Easter each year is governed by the moon, Easter falls on the first Sunday after the Full Moon, very pagan and Easter stories date back before Christian times.  These are the stories of life and rebirth, of resurrections, stories of triumph over suffering, stories of faith and

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Embracing uncertainty...

Embracing uncertainty…

Embrace where you are in your life, welcome the confidence you have gained from what you have experienced so far, remember you weren’t always as confident, you weren’t always this knowing.  You have had moments where you felt uncertain, where you felt afraid of what was to come, where you moved through your uncertainty and

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What really matters...

What really matters…

Seeking to make changes and looking to improve your life in some way, something is shifting within you because you no longer feel content with how things are.  This is the beginning of a journey that may be a wild ride.  You may face indecision, you may face uncertainty, you may question yourself, you may

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Everything changes

When everything changes…

Life is an evolving cycle of change, everything is always changing and when everything changes it can be quite unsettling.  We grow accustomed to living in a particular way and sometimes we get set in our ways, thinking we can only be this way.  We can also get in our own way and resist change

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Be you

Authentically you…

Authenticity, being authentically you will make a difference in your life.    Doing what is right for you, what sits with you, will make a difference in your life.  You make the difference, you are the only person that can change your life, so if you want things to change, make the changes you want

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Awareness of presence…

In any given moment you may find your true expression, in any given moment you may forget your uncertainty or insecurity and become consciously aware of your greatness.  You may have an awareness of your presence and realise the impact you make.  In any given moment you may impress yourself, you may find your importance,

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It's yours to write

This is your story…

This is your story, this life you are living is your story and how it evolves is up to you.  This life is your life and life is about living, living and experiencing what life presents you with, how you perceive what is happening is your story.  You are here in this experience for the

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You have a quest…

You were born with a quest, you were born with an evolving story, this life is the life you have chosen to live and everything you experience here in this life is transforming you, everything you experience is evolving you.  You are evolving, you have come here to evolve, you are here to experience life

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Live intuitively

Living life intuitively…

You do know, you know, you have always known, you may not have listened but you have always known.  There is an intuitive side to your nature that helps you navigate your way through life, it is there calling to you, speaking within you and all you need is listen.   Being aware of the

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Be in love with life

Love begins with you…

Love begins with you, loving who you are, loving where you are in your life and loving life itself.  You are here to explore what you love, to find passion in what you do and to be in love with the life you are creating, so you can find where you belong.   When you

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