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We are all so talented, just imagine if we were all brave enough to embrace our talents and believe in who we really are…

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The urge to flee…

Fear is contagious, fear can easily find a place in your consciousness and can even become a way of life.  When your beliefs are challenged, when you experience uncertainty, when you don’t think we can handle what is happening, you can become fearful of life.  Life is full of uncertainty, we are in constant cycles

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Know your importance

Healthy boundaries…

How do you know your “healthy boundary” is healthy, how do know when to stand your ground and walk your talk.  Boundaries are healthy when you feel good about keeping them.  Boundaries are healthy when you are protecting your vulnerabilities.   Boundaries are healthy when you are aspiring to greatness.    Personal space is a

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You've got this


Mastery is an ongoing process, it takes practise, it is the practise of defining what is creating havoc in your life, figuring out what has served it’s purpose and liberating yourself from what is limiting you from creating the life you came here to live.  Figuring out what is going on, what you no longer

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past experience

Making peace with your past…

Accepting the past and taking ownership of your role in what unfolded, realising how you contributed to what unfolded can be quite confronting, but where there in this realisation is wisdom.  The past, good or bad is still a part of who you are, what you experienced then evolved you into who you have become. 

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How to begin...

Just imagine…

“We but mirror the world.  All tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body.  If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.  As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.  This is the

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What sits with you

Do what sits with you…

What stays constant in your life, what you rely on to be confident as you move through life, is the foundation of who you are, your truth.  Your truth is who you are, what’s in your core, what you believe about you.  It is what you believe about those around you, what you believe about

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Appreciating life…

Being grateful, practising the art of appreciation, being appreciative of all you’ve achieved, of all you’ve created as you have lived the life you have lived, is a gift that can transform any situation you find yourself in.   Finding an appreciation for your the life you have lived, for all that you have experienced,

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Creating your destiny

Something is shifting…

We are continually shifting, on the brink of new discoveries, exploring new ideas, coming up with different plans and opening up to new possibilities.  Being curious about life, we wonder, we explore, we process and we become more aware.    When on the brink of a shift, you are becoming conscious that something has shifted

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It's ok

It’s ok to feel…

It’s ok to feel, it’s ok that you feel the way you do and it’s ok if others don’t feel the same.  It’s ok if you don’t know how you feel about what is happening, and it’s ok if you don’t know what it is you are feeling, if the feeling is foreign to you. 

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Embracing the in-between…

Stepping out of the comfortable space you’ve been existing in, whether by choice or thrust upon you, begins a transition and you enter in the in-between, you are in-between the life that was and the life you are evolving into.   Being in the in-between may be scary, may be uncertain, may be unpredictable, but

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you do know

Intuitive flow…

Sometimes in life our intuition speaks loudly and we find it easy to pay attention to what we are sensing, but when it’s just a whisper it’s harder to hear.  We all have it, it is our sixth sense a feeling, a hunch, a knowing, it’s natural like our other senses, though at times not

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Trust your life

How to trust…

Trust begins with you.   You can believe in you, you can believe in your life, in the life you are creating.  This life is the life you came here to experience, you can trust yourself.   You can believe in you, you can believe you have what it takes in this experience, you have

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Feel your way

Intuition in action…

Intuition in action is when you act upon a feeling, a hunch, an instinct, when you know what you are sensing is right for you, and you allow yourself to trust  and follow where this sensation leads you, and you feel compelled to take action.    Intuition in action is when you are moved into

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Life is happening...

Life is happening…

Sometimes in life we need reminding that life exists all around us, no matter what is going on, the sun still rises in the morning and sets in the afternoon, the moon shines through night and the sea ebbs and flows as if to take a breath with each wave.  Allow a sense of calm

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Upon reflection…

Reflective moods arrive at times when we are looking for change, when we seek answers or meaning, or we feel a disconnect, a sense that something is missing and there seems to be gap in our life, so we fill it with reflection.  Embrace your reflective mood, as you find yourself pondering about what you’ve

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