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Be vibrant...

Raising your vibe…

“The influence of a a vital person vitalises”  – Joseph Campbell  The influence of a vital person, a persons’ vitality, vitalises which means it contagious!  What an inspiring energy to spread around, your exuberance energises, you raise the vibe wherever you are, whatever situation you find yourself in your energy contributes. Vibrancy and vitality happens easily

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How you see you

How you see you…

How do you see yourself, are you treating yourself kindly, are you loving who you are, do you see your value?     How you express who you are, matters.  You matter, you are important and you have something to contribute, how you see yourself determines how you interact in your life.   The story

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Change is in the air…

Change is in the air, you can sense it, you are witnessing it, or you are becoming aware of the potential for it, by what is unfolding in your life.  The winds of change are blowing.  Life is an evolving cycle of change, and so are you, as you move through what you are experiencing.

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You make the difference

Which way…

In life there are moments where you find yourself at a crossroad, a turning point, the winds of change are blowing and change you must.  Sometimes what appears to be a small adjustment evolves into something much bigger, some crossroads are bigger than others and every decision you make has an impact.  What you do

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Divine design

You have a path…

You have a path and it is divinely designed especially for you to experience.  You designed it, and you are continuing to design it, through the actions you take, so how you respond to where you are in life determines how your experience will be.   Let’s think about that for a moment.  You have

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Rituals exist in most aspects of our lives, and they are often identified as habits.  When we think about habitual behaviours, we may identify them as negative, but not all habits are destructive or unproductive.  Rituals serve a purpose, they can help us stay centred and focused on where we are in life, on what

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Finding your way

Finding your way…

In life there are things you can not control, circumstances, experiences where you feel you have no say over what is happening. You may feel distressed, you may feel hurt, your may feel disappointed or disillusioned. You always have a choice, even when it appears you don’t. You can choose to embrace what you are

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Surrendering to trust…

Surrendering to trust, taking leaps of faith, throwing caution to the wind, and jumping into the unknown will teach you so much about yourself.     Surrendering to trust will show you what you are all about and what really matters most to you.  What matters most to you is what value the most in

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Soul searching…

Desire comes in many forms, we dream, we wish, we aspire to, we actively attract, but sometimes no matter what we do, we don’t quite get there.  Sometimes we do make it and we get there, but we still are not fulfilled, we don’t feel satisfied or content and what we thought we wanted, isn’t

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you've got this

You are enough…

“I can’t bring you anything but myself, I hope that’s enough…” Feelings of lack, of not being enough, can stop you participating in your life, can stop you making the most of the opportunities life presents you with.  If you are experiencing feelings of not being enough, whatever enough is, or not having enough, you

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What you do matters

How you are communicating…

Your universe responds directly to you, this is your universe, your reality and it is up to you to create the life you really want to live.  Observe what is happening in your life, see what is showing up and consider how you are communicating your desires through your actions you take and the decisions

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Learning to trust again…

Life sometimes doesn’t go to plan, sometimes things don’t work out they way we hoped, and sometimes we find it difficult to trust how our life flows.  So how do we open up to the wonderful opportunity life presents us with, how do we go with the flow and trust ourselves again?    Learning to

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Trusting the divine design to life…

Don’t you just love the divine plan that exists in your life, it’s evident when things just seem to fall into place and you find yourself in the perfect place at the right time for a wonderful opportunity to present.  You feel like the gods are smiling and you feel blessed, heavenly and it is

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Consciously nurturing..

Consciously nurturing…

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mothers, other mothers and nurturers who grace our lives with their presence.   Mothering comes in all forms, you don’t have to be a mother, to mother.  We mother our friends, we mother our families, we mother our partners, we mother our pets, we mother in our communities.  Men

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Where you belong

Seeking a deeper connection…

We are all seeking, yearning for a deeper sense of connection in our lives and it’s easier to navigate our way through life when we feel deeply connected to the life we are living.  Deep connection resonates within us, amplifies the connectedness we feel where we are where we belong, when we are with who

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