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Appreciation and gratitude…

Being Anzac Day, I thought we’d talk about appreciation and gratitude for the life we have the privilege to live.   Please take a moment to appreciate and be grateful for the brave men and women who fought for our rights so we can live the way we do.    Please take a moment to

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Make an impact

Having an impact…

What will you do while you are here where you are, in this experience, in this unique moment in time?  Where you are is exactly where you are meant to be for this very reason, not for why you are here, for what you do while you are here in this experience right now.  This

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Have a change of heart

A change of heart…

What if you have a change of heart, what if you discover what you have been striving for, visualising, actively creating, no longer floats your boat? What if you change your mind, what if you change directions, what if you change what you are doing, what does this mean?    It means you are evolving

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Having hope

Finding hope…

Seeing it’s Easter, lets talk about having hope, because when everything seems lost, there is always hope.   It is hope that inspires us to rise to challenge when we experience difficulties.   It is hope that motivates us to keep going, to keep doing, to keep contributing.   It is hope that helps us

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You belong here…

Life is busy, we have all sorts of distractions and sometimes our minds are somewhere else rather than being here in the now, experiencing what is happening now.  Everything in life occurs for the experience of it brings you, each experience shows teaches you more about you, and you evolve through everything you experience, so

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In challenging times…

Finding life is challenging your patience, feeling like you are losing faith in what you are doing, what you have been working hard towards, or what you have been hoping for, everything happens when it’s meant to, and there is a greater reason why it’s not happening right now.   Patience is indeed a virtue,

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Gaining perspective

Gaining perspective…

When the unexpected happens it can be difficult to find understanding in what is happening.  When something happens beyond your control, it can be difficult not to lose your sense of self, you may feel afraid, uncertain, or unclear about what is going to happen.   Take time to pause, to step back, take a

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Make a wish

Living embodiment…

What are wishing for, how you live, who you are, what you value, is a living embodiment of what your life can be.  Aligning what you do, how you think about what you are doing, how you act upon what you are thinking, will evolve you to where you want to be.  Make your life

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Life is imperfect

Being perfectly imperfect…

You are perfectly imperfect and you are exquisite in your imperfection.  Imperfection is beauty, imperfection is art, imperfection is natural, life is perfectly imperfect, your life is perfectly imperfect, and you are perfectly imperfect. Where you are right now, is exactly where you are meant to be.   Acceptance of where you are in your

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What if…

What if!   What if it doesn’t work out, what if you don’t make it, what if you can’t?  Oh but what if you does, what if you do, what if you can!  If you don’t try how will you know… When your confidence seems to slip away, and you begin to question what you

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Be loved

Lets talk about love…

Lets talk about love and how it begins with you, how you feel about you, if you love who you are, if you allow yourself to be loved, if you love your life.    Feeling good about you is important, feeling good about what you do is important, and feeling good about your life is

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You are worth it

Facing sacrifice…

Sometimes situations arise that stop us in our tracks, that interrupt our flow in creating what we are busy creating, and present us with difficult choices to make.  Sometimes in life we are faced with sacrifice and forced to contemplate the implications of the choice we are presented with, what we are willing to sacrifice. 

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radiate confidence

Keeping your composure…

Keeping your composure, remaining calm and staying centred when life presents you with challenges, takes practise.  Staying composed in challenging situations, situations that push your emotional buttons, may be difficult to master, but being cool, calm and collected is the way to go.   A composed person is able to pause, to take a moment

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Do what you do...

Don’t give up…

There are moments in time, transitions within periods of change where you may find yourself wondering if you are going in the right direction, if you are meant to be doing what you are doing, if you’ve made the right choice.  When doubt begins to surface and you find yourself questioning what is going on,

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Are you ready today

Today may be the day…

Today may be the day you attract what you’ve been wishing for, today may be the day your miracles arrive.  Whatever you’ve been wishing for may be about to happen, are you ready, because today may be the day.  Everyday there is a chance you find what you are seeking, everyday there is a chance

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