We are all so talented…

Just imagine you were brave enough to embrace your talents

and believe in yourself…

Gaining perspective

Gaining perspective…

When the unexpected happens it can be difficult to find understanding in what is happening.  When something happens beyond your control, it can be difficult not to lose your sense of self, you may feel afraid, uncertain, or unclear about what is going to happen.  

Take time to pause, to step back, take a breath and give yourself a moment to centre and to recover.  Recovery from the unexpected takes a while, pause and remind yourself how adaptable you are, how resilient you are, and that this too will evolve you.   

What is happening, what you experience, is for the experience of it.  You will gain an awareness you didn’t possess before, this experience is going to give you more understanding about who you are and how you cope in situations like this, will change how you feel about what is happening.  You will gain a different perspective on who you are, and the way you live the life you are living.

This is something you are experiencing for the experience of it and you are a part of the experience itself, so you can be enriched by this experience, even when you are suffering. This experience will evolve you, how you evolve through it, is up to you.   

Have faith in you, have faith in your life and have faith that you will be ok, just like you have been when you have come through similar experiences in your past.  Try and allow it all to unfold naturally, see where it all takes you, see what becomes of what is happening and remember what is important to you.  

This is your life, you are a living element of what occurs in your life, everything you do contributes to what happens.   Focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t, focus on what you have, rather than what you haven’t, focus on what you are doing, rather than what others may be doing.  The reason you find yourself in this experience is so you grow and evolve through what you are experiencing.  Remember how resilient you are, you are adaptable and you will adapt, even if it is uncomfortable for a time, this too will pass.   

You will move through this, how you move is up to you, you can choose to embrace what you are being presented with, and do what can with it.  Somewhere there in this experience there is light, a light within you, and it will show you who you are, where you belong, who belongs there with you and what you belong doing.  Remember to be gentle with yourself and with others, show compassion and be kind, for this who you really are.  This experience gives you the opportunity to remind yourself of what really matters to you, what you really believe know about you.   

You have an opportunity for greatness here, here in this experience, though it may be uncomfortable, unpredictable, sad or even scary.  Be who you know you are, be the wonderfully resilient, adaptable, unique being you really are.  Only you are you, only you can be you, only you do what you do the way you do it.  Trust what you are experiencing is a unique experience, unique to you, for you are the only one who is experiencing this through your eyes.  You are evolving into who you will become, and who you will become is who you are destined to be, you will find where you belong, you will find who belongs there with you, and you will find what you belong doing.  

Be inspired by who you are and what you do.