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Raising your vibe…

“The influence of a a vital person vitalises”  – Joseph Campbell 

The influence of a vital person, a persons’ vitality, vitalises which means it contagious!  What an inspiring energy to spread around, your exuberance energises, you raise the vibe wherever you are, whatever situation you find yourself in your energy contributes.

Vibrancy and vitality happens easily when we are happy, think about when you hear someone laughing, it’s really hard to resist the urge to laugh as well.  How nice it would be to be recognised by your laugh.  

Vibrancy and vitality happens easily when we are excited about life, think about when you have been excited about what you are doing, when you are enthusiastic about what is happening, you radiate, and your vibe lifts those around you.  Your enthusiasm could of-course trigger some people and the trigger in itself will rise within them to be addressed, so even then your enthusiasm is contagious.  

Vibrancy and vitality happens easily when we feel inspired, think about when you’ve been inspired to create something, or to change direction, or to think differently, it’s exciting, and being excited raises your vibe.  

Vibrancy and vitality also happens when you are content with where you are, when you are content with how your life is flowing, when you are doing what is right for you, living your life in harmony with yourself, living your life your way.  

Raising your vibe requires work, which is the last thing you feel like doing when you are low, radiating vitality is very difficult when you aren’t feel vital.  When your energy is down, it’s hard to get back up, you might be tired, you may be in a situation that’s draining you, you may have someone around you that is hard work.  Just imagine if you could breeze through that situation, spreading your vibrancy and vitality everywhere, the heaviness of the situation would ease, you would lighten the vibe, which is exactly what you need.    

So how do you raise your vibe?  

You might go for a run or brisk walk or a Gym workout and get your heart rate pumping so you feel more vital, your mood will lift, you might go to yoga.   This is why exercise can be addictive, because you get a buzz that lasts from exerting yourself.  

You might meditate, practising centring yourself so that your energy is more settled, and you radiate your truth.   Meditation may help you gain clarity so you can figure out what you want, so you can get clear what your soul wants for you.  Meditation will shift your energy and you emerge brighter, lighter and more focused.  

You might surround yourself with nature, you belong here on this planet, you are a part of it’s ecosystem and you can connect with yourself by being aware of the beauty of life that exists all around you.  Hear the birds singing, smell the fragrances and find the bees, sit in the sun and breathe, play with your cat, go to ocean and let the rhythm of the waves move you, go for a surf, notice life happening around you.  

Another great way to raise your vibe is having a chat with an inspiring friend, an inspiring colleague if it is work that’s getting your down, or a member of your family that just gets you.  Surrounding yourself with likeminded souls is uplifting.  

Allow yourself to be light, radiate from your inner being, believe in what you are creating by so shining so brightly that others are uplifted too.  When you are yourself, you radiate confidence, you have a presence that is felt everywhere you go.  

Smile, dance, sing, be free in who you are, raise your vibe so others do too.   Celebrate you and the life you are creating.  

Be inspirational.


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