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You are divine…

There is design to your life.

The resurrection within you…

Happy Easter.

Did you know the date chosen for Easter each year is governed by the moon, Easter falls on the first Sunday after the Full Moon, very pagan and Easter stories date back before Christian times.  These are the stories of life and rebirth, of resurrections, stories of triumph over suffering, stories of faith and hope.  Life reminds us of what is important, life reminds us of what we once desired, life reminds us when this desire stirs again within us.   

If you are resurrecting a long forgotten desire, rebirthing an idea that still excites you, that keeps calling to you, know it is you who gives it life, it is you who ignites its flame again, it is you who brings it into being.  

Perhaps now is the time. perhaps what is stirs within you is because you are now in a position to make this happen, perhaps you can not deny it any longer.

If something is resurrecting in your life, know that it calls to you for recognition, it calls to you to be realised.  Recognise the desire as it begs for further contemplation, sit with what rises within you, sit with what this might mean and what might happen.  Perhaps what is occurring in your life at the moment has you seeking change, perhaps you are looking for more meaning to what you are doing, perhaps you no longer feel connected to the path you are on and perhaps you find yourself revisiting what you wished for in the past.  

Your past is a part of you, where you have been, what you have experienced all makes up who you are today.  You can’t resurrect the past, because you have already experienced it and now you have the knowledge gained from it’s experience.  But you can revisit it and figure out why it still calls to you, perhaps it still calls to you because it is it remains incomplete, perhaps you feel like you didn’t give it your all and you now feel like it’s time.  Everything you have done, is what you were meant to do, if something isn’t meant for you, then no matter how hard you tried to achieve it, it wasn’t meant to happen or maybe it just wasn’t the right time.  So revisit what is rising within you, and know that it calls to you for a reason, figuring what that reason is, is a journey within itself and exploring where this could take you is what the journey is about.  You will figure out what is meant for you through what you experience.   

This is your life and what you do with it is up to you, everything you in life you are meant to do, think about what was meant for you, what happened, where it took you, who you became and the experience you gained.  Think about why it still calls to you, why it keeps resurrecting within you and find what it is showing you. When you follow where you desires leads you, you will find where you belong.  

Finding where you belong, finding who you belong with and finding what you belong doing, is why you are here in this experience that is your life.  What you do with your life is up to you, who you become is up to you, you are the master of your own destiny.  If destiny beckons change, make the change you want to see happen, if something is resurrecting within you, do something with it.  Only you know what it is you want, only you can do what you do the way you do it, only you can be you.

Love your life and life will love you back.


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