My Intuitive


Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

Something is shifting…

We are continually shifting, on the brink of new discoveries, exploring new ideas, coming up with different plans and opening up to new possibilities.  Being curious about life, we wonder, we explore, we process and we become more aware.   

When on the brink of a shift, you are becoming conscious that something has shifted within you, you are discovering that you feel different.  You are beginning to identifying what you are feeling and what you can do about this feeling, this is what will shift you into action, this is why you are experience a shift within you.  During this process you may feel like you are getting to know yourself all over again, you may feel you are becoming someone else, you are.  You are connecting with another aspect of yourself, another reality of who you are, and you are evolving into who you will become. 

This discovery, recognising something has shifted within you, gives you the opportunity to explore what it is you want and gives you the opportunity to celebrate who you are and where you want to be.  As you tune into your desires, you may experience new perspectives, you may see things differently and you may wish for different outcomes, you may desire change. 

Identifying what you want, who you are now, and what you want to change may be so overwhelming that you may decide it’s all too hard and give up on your original desire. And sometimes what you think you want, you really don’t and  realise it’s not what we wanted at all. This is all part of getting to know who you are now and leads you finding you within what you are experiencing so you can explore the potentials that exists within this experience and the potential that exists within you.  When you give up on an idea, a concept, a desire, you aren’t giving up on you, somewhere within you, you know there is something different, some more for you to experience, something new to be discovered.  Exploring where your potential exists, will lead you to discover where you belong, and that sense of belonging is what we all, as humans, are all looking for.  

Becoming aware that something has shifted within you, you also become conscious of what you want to create, and you begin to actively create the change you want to make. Think back to a time when you opportunity knocked on your door and what followed lead you to become who you have become, you allowed yourself to go there, you let your desire move you to where you have ended up.  Here you are now and you sense this shift taking place, you are aware you want something different, your time here in this experience has expired, and you are ready to move on, to actively create a new you.  

You can be whoever you want to be, this desire is meant to be, which means this is possible.  This is another part of you, another aspect of who you are, you are connecting to another aspect of you.  You can actively create who you want to become, all it takes is perservance and commitment.  You are making a commitment to being who you are, to getting to know you through what you are experiencing, through the process of creating what you want to become.  

Your path is adaptable, you may start in one direction and end in another.  You are resilient, you are continuously shifting and evolving into who you are becoming.  This is your unique experience, this is your unique life to experience, this is your destiny, and you are uniquely who you are. 

Know you are creating your destiny, and know this destiny is exactly what we all need you to be.  We need you being you.   

Be inspirational.  


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