My Intuitive


Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

Do what sits with you…

What stays constant in your life, what you rely on to be confident as you move through life, is the foundation of who you are, your truth.  Your truth is who you are, what’s in your core, what you believe about you.  It is what you believe about those around you, what you believe about what you do, and what you believe about life.  

Life is for living, growing and exploring, rising to the challenges within it, aligning with your dreams, aligning with your values, seeing the value in the life you are living. It is a continuous cycle of change, you are in a continuous cycle of change, and with each change there is re-invention, who you are, your truth, what’s in your core, shapes the life you create.  You create the life you live, through your intentions, your actions, this is what you are made of, this is your truth.  

Knowing what you are made of, what your truth is, will help you navigate your way through the experiences your life attracts, this is the map you can follow, and there is design to it, so follow what sits with you.

When something doesn’t sit with you, when you are not comfortable with what you are experiencing, there is a reason for what you are feeling.  You may be selling yourself short, compromising too much of yourself, compromising your truth.  When you are conflicted about something, it is a signal to pay attention and question what is happening.  Is this where you belong, is this what you belong doing, is this who you belong with, what is your truth, what do you know and believe about you and your life?  

When this awareness awakens within you, when something is not sitting with you, your inner being is reminding you of who you are and what you are about.  You are a living part of what you are experiencing, so you do contribute to what happens to you, if you don’t value yourself, how can anyone else value you, if you continuously compromising your ideals, how can you feel worthy, how can you be happy.

Re-invention, restructure and realignment, are all a part of living and experiencing life, of evolving through each experience, this is the cycle of change that continuously occurs in life itself.  When are reminded of what you believe about you and you are reminded of what is important to you, you have the power to create change.  

Believing in you, honouring what you value, honouring your value, what you are contributing, will help you ride these waves of change.  You are adaptable and you will adapt.  You are innovative, you are resilient and you can create the life you are happy with. You are an inspiration to yourself and you have what it takes, you can find where you belong. 

The life you dream of, is a happy life, a life in which you know what you believe, a life in which you know what is important to you, a life in which you know you are worthy.  You are a living part of what you are creating, and valuable component of what you are experiencing, and you have the power to create the change you want to see.  

You are here in this experience, because this experience is meant to be, it is part of your journey, part of discovering what you are about.  The awareness of being here in this experience is evolving you into who you are becoming.  

Follow what sits with you, you can trust who you are, you can believe your truth, because the world needs you, the world needs you just the way you are.  

Be inspired by who you are.


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