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Dream, Wish

Soul searching…

Desire comes in many forms, we dream, we wish, we aspire to, we actively attract, but sometimes no matter what we do, we don’t quite get there.  Sometimes we do make it and we get there, but we still are not fulfilled, we don’t feel satisfied or content and what we thought we wanted, isn’t wanted anymore. 

Why is this?  Your mind may suggest that you didn’t think this through, or that you didn’t have what it takes to do what you wanted to do or that you did it for the wrong reasons, which of-course all could be true.  But just maybe, your soul didn’t want this for you and the fulfilment you seek doesn’t happen unless your soul wants it, life is a journey, you follow where your desires take you so you evolve through the experience of getting there.  Every experience you have is for the experience it gives you, see each experience for the help it gives you so you figure out what you really want and find happiness in your life.  

So here you are, having an epiphany, a shift of awareness, soul-searching about what you’ve been working so hard towards, and now you may be seeing this differently, you may have a new perspective.  Soul searching about what you really want, thinking about why you have done what you have done and figuring out what you want to do next.  Soul searching what your desires and realising there may be something deeper going on here, something more than meets the eye, not so apparent as the desire for a new car, a new home, even a complete lifestyle change.  You may be question what really makes your happy, where you find fulfilment, what will satisfy you.  

Think about how you will feel when you get what you want, this is the feeling you are seeking and you can find this by looking within to discover why you want what you want and there is wisdom in this.  What does life look like when you have what you want,  how do you will feel and how do you behave?  This is who you are, this is life you see yourself living, the life you want to create.  When you imagine what your life looks like, it is the lifestyle that is calling to you, and if you begin to create that life, you will find where you belong, who belongs there with you and what you belong doing.   

Life is an exploration of desires, and if you are not afraid to explore where your desire takes you, you will find the outcome you are seeking.  It is in the journey, in what you experience along the way, where you find wisdom, and if you are wise you will see the evolution that is taking place, you will allow your desire to evolve. 

Aspire to create the life you were born to live, follow where your attraction leads you, and you will find what you are looking for.  Trust in the way you experience life, and life will support you, trust and believe in the experience life gives you, so you can embrace each shift of awareness as you are evolving through this experience that is your life.  Your soul wants is for you to explore where you desire takes you, what makes your soul sing, what excites you, what makes you feel alive.   Recognise when your soul dances, recognise what stirs within you and remember who you really are.  Be yourself so you find where you belong and who you belongs there with you.

Love your life and life will love you back.


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