My Intuitive


Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

Your soul sings

Your soul sings with knowledge…

We are all guided, there is a knowingness that exists with us, our soul sings with it’s knowledge, it is natural and it is what connects us.  We all have this knowingness available to us, it washes over us when we need it most and reconnects us to our purpose, the path we incarnated into, the track we take when we feel unencumbered by lack or doubt, uninterrupted by disbelief, it’s when we recognise our truth.  Our soul sings with this truth, it offers us guidance and inspires us into action, it asks us to celebrate our uniqueness and see our individuality so we are able to shine.  

This natural sense feels familiar, meant to be, connected and in sync with life, life is cyclical and we realign with it’s purpose when we are reminded of what is important, when we are reminded of our value and of how worthwhile our life is.  Wonderful ideas can spring to life when we feel supported by life, when we feel rejuvenated and inspired by the possibilities and potentials that exist within us.  When we reconnect with what we are about and what we would like to achieve, we connect with our story, whatever it is we came here to do, to contribute, we recognise its wisdom.  This knowingness is what makes our soul sing, excites us and inspires us to continue to create, it is our self expression, our reality and whatever we are doing with this reality, it feels right.  

There is a deeper sense of knowing…

When we feel a pull of desire that resonates within us, there is a deeper sense of knowing and an awareness we are tapping into something that is yet to be realised but exists somewhere in the grand scheme of things.  This knowingness is a more confident awareness we tap into when are soul-searching for our truth, the truth of what makes us tick, our individuality.  There is a difference between thinking about, wanting or wishing for something to happen and truly connecting to the knowingness that resides within us.  We are guided by this knowingness, it gives us clarity, a clearer lens and feels like meant for us, we know it in our heart.  

Connecting from our hearts truth is different from simply desiring something, there is a difference between wanting something to manifest and knowing it is there waiting to be realised.  To have this awareness we must truly know ourselves and this isn’t as easy as it sounds, it requires honesty and the courage to believe there is a reason for our existence, to believe in our purpose, to believe in the life we are living.  There is a lot to be said about betterment, being the best we can be given the circumstances we are in, being able to see the adventure in life and the adventure in each situation.  

Your life is your story…

Your life is your story, it is the book you can’t put down, it’s the chapter you have to finish, it’s the belief in your purpose, the reason you are here.  This belief is yours to own, it opens you up to  your truth and the truth that life is really is what we make it, when we believe we have something worthy to contribute, when we believe we are capable and have the ability, we own our resilience and walk confidently through whatever life presents us with.  To be able to walk confidently we must know and believe in what is meant to be, what is meant for us, whatever life throughs at us there is a reason for it.  When we open up to this belief we see how connected we are, where life flows and how we are whole, when we feel whole we are empowered and have the ability to create great change.  

Recognise when your soul is singing, feel its connection to the knowingness that exists within you, you soul sings with knowledge so you can be the best you can be wherever you are.  Whatever you are up to, there is guidance available to you, life is supporting you to become who you are destined to be.  What will be will be, what is meant for you will come to you, follow what makes your soul sing and allow yourself to shine. 

Love life and life will love you back.


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