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the stillness within

The stillness within…

There is a stillness amidst the craziness of life, a stillness that connects you to something deeper, a stillness that puts life into perspective and gives you clarity.  It’s humbling and calls you to pay attention, to stop and smell the roses, to notice the life thats happening all around you.  No matter what is going on with you, the sun still shines, it still rises in the morning and sets in the evening, no matter what is going with you, the moon still goes through it’s phases, the sea still ebbs and flows, life goes on, life still exists around you. 

There is a stillness within you that can wash away the chaos, quieten the loudness and bring a hush to the whirlwinds of the mind, it reconnects you to your being.  This is where you notice the rhythms in life, this is what gives you perspective and you can access this anytime you need to.   Anytime you want to feel connected, just listen to the sounds around you, hear the chatter, the laughter and the cries of the natural world you live in.  You don’t need to take yourself off to the mountains, or to the oceans, you can access this awareness here where you find yourself right now, all you need do is pause and take notice.  Within this stillness there is comfort, it is welcoming and it heals. 

Look to the sky and notice the clouds as they move gently above you, hear to the sounds of the neighbourhood, the children playing, the birds singing, or the traffic as people go about their day.  Even if you are surrounded by concrete, life still exists around you, the birds are still there, the ant’s are still busy going where they are going, and hopefully there is a bee who graces you with it’s presence and thinks you are a flower (I love that meme).  

Tap into the sense of wonder that exists here in your world, allow your heart to sing, allow your imagination to be ignited and allow yourself to feel connected to where you are.  Find the stillness within you and you’ll notice the life that exist around you, you’ll notice it more and more, and you will begin to feel more connected to the life you are living, you begin to feel like you belong.  

Take time to sit in the stillness of the moment, appreciate the moment you are experiencing.  Sip your morning coffee, smell it’s aroma, savour each sensation as you taste it’s flavour.  Notice the subtle smells that exist around and embrace the memories they trigger, notice the faces in the crowd, the couple across the street, the dog down the road who’s curious about who you are as you walk past, notice the life that is happening around you.  

Take time to sit in stillness of each moment, find this stillness within you and reconnect with yourself and celebrate what it is to be alive because life is meant to be lived.  Make this an experience to remember, be curious, explore and invent, there is wonder in each moment, and be in awe that you are here living this moment.  Life is for living, not just for existing, experience everything it has to offer, allow yourself to feel, allow yourself to be present here in this experience.  Find the stillness within you and reconnect you to the natural world you live in, this is where you will find peace, this is where you will find inspiration, this is where you will see the wonder that is life.  

Love your life and life will love you back.  


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