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Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

guidance map

The guidance map…

There is guidance in your life and the evidence of this in the way life unfolds.  Your life is divinely designed, recognising it’s form isn’t always easy, sometimes it’s not obvious, sometimes you are clouded by your past, sometimes you are distracted and miss all the signs, but the signs are always present, the map is always there and you can tap into it at any time.  

Guidance comes in many forms, all there to help you navigate your way through this incarnation of your souls journey.   Synchronicities are those moments where you find yourself perfectly positioned in the right place at the right time, for the perfect situation to occur.  Awarenesses when you sense the pull, the strong desire, attraction to something or someone.  Intuition when you have a real sense about what you are doing because you just know this is right for you, this is a deep sense resounds within you and helps you believe in yourself.    

How you recognise what guides you is an individual process because you are an individual, you are unique, only you are you, only you experience what you experience the way you experience it, so knowing yourself is really important.  Knowing yourself and your processes will help you tune into the guidance that is available to you so you can feel confident in the actions you take and the the decisions you make.  

Allowing time and space to sit with yourself will help you recognise what is right for you, and when you do what is right for you everything else falls into place.  Allow time and space to sit with yourself will help you figure out what is important to you, because this is what matters and this is how you figure out what you want.  Allow time and space to sit with yourself will help you get to know what makes you tick, why you are who you are.  

It is important that you get to know yourself through what you have experienced, so that you recognise when past experiences are interfering with your perception of what occurs in your life.  It is important that you get to know where your fear is holding your back from living the life you’ve always dreamt of living.  It is important that you face your fear because this will give you the confidence to create a life you are happy with, a life you enjoy living.  It is up to you to find where you belong, what you belong doing and who belongs with you.  

This is the life you are destined to live, everything that happens in your life happens for the experience it gives you, what you do with this experience is completely up to you.  You have choices, there are always opportunities presented within every experience, seeing the opportunities that exist will help you recognise why you are experiencing what you are experiencing.  Seeing potentials and possibilities will help you tap into the guidance that is available to you so you do what is right for you.  And when you do what is right for you, you are following the design that is you, the design that exists in your life and you see why you want what you want and why you’ve done what you’ve done.  

This is your life and it is up to you what you do with it, your life is a living expression of who you are, it is unique to you because you are unique.    Allow yourself to recognise the guidance that is available to you so you have the confidence to do what is right for you.

Love your life and life will love you back.


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