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Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

Trust your life…

Taking some time to think about the life you have lived, what you have experienced so far, how you have learnt and grown through the life you have lived, will show you where you are at today and where you might to get to tomorrow.  As you think about the life you have lived, you’ll see glimpses of who you are becoming, and where you are going, you’ll see glimpse of what you can create.  

Think about what you wished for, what brought you joy, what excited you.  Think about what you value now, as your priorities may have changed, what you loved doing then, may not be what what you love doing now.  Think about how you feel now about what you did then and how you have evolved into who you are now.  

Think about the people in your life, the ones you stayed and the ones who left, the ones you once loved, and the ones you still love. Think about what you experienced together, think about how you behaved and how they behaved, see how your life evolved through knowing each other and how it is still evolving through the experience you shared.   

 Some things you may wish you had done differently, so be gentle and see your life through kind eyes, think about who you were then and who you are now.  Look at the experience you have now, the life you have lived is the reason you are who you are, see how you have evolved into who you have become.  See you are still evolving through the life you are living, life is about living, living and experiencing whatever it presents you with, you evolve through the experience it gives you.  Sometimes you may get in your own way, sometimes you may detour and lose your way, perhaps you have forgotten who you are, forgotten what really matters to you, this detour will evolve you and you will eventually come back to yourself.  

If you aren’t where you think you want to be, see what you can do now, now that you have the wisdom gained through what you have experienced.  Open yourself up to the possibilities that exist around you now as there is a reason you are where you are, which is why you are there.  See what you life can be, this is your life, you are a living, breathing part of everything you experience, see why you are where you are.  See the value in your experience and how you contribute to every situation you find yourself in.  You can trust you are where you are for the experience of being there, you can trust yourself because this is exactly where you need to be to get to where you are going. This experience is evolving you into who you are becoming.      

Learn to trust your life, learn to trust yourself through what happens in your life and see how you are evolving.  Don’t get in your own way, don’t detour, you just believe you are who you think you are, trust the life you are living, because this is your life and what you do with it is up to you.  Only you can be you, only you can do what you do.      

Where you are today, is exactly where you need to be, you are who you are so you can create the life you came here to live.  You are a creative being, what you do matters and what you do is up to you.  See the difference you can make in your life, just be being you.  Only you can be you, only you can do what you do.  

Be inspired by who you are.  


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