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We are all so talented, just imagine if we were all brave enough to embrace our talents and believe in who we really are…


Upon reflection…

Reflective moods arrive at times when we are looking for change, when we seek answers or meaning, or we feel a disconnect, a sense that something is missing and there seems to be gap in our life, so we fill it with reflection.  Embrace your reflective mood, as you find yourself pondering about what you’ve done, and what you haven’t, what brought you joy and what didn’t, what you love and what you don’t.  As you get glimpses, memories, feel the sensations, experience realisations and see the adventurous life you have lived.  Your life is an adventure, you have had adventures, it may not have been an extreme sport adventure, but you have been and still are, on an expedition to discover more about you, and more about how you tick.  

Everything you have experienced you have evolved through and each experience involved you, you have a part in what happens in your life, even though at times it may appear you had no choice.  You choice is in how you choose to experience what you are experiencing, in how you choose to view what you are seeing, in how you choose to involved yourself in what is happening.  

Embrace this reflective mood, allow it evolve to where it takes you, you will discover more about you.  Find gratitude in what you have experienced, be grateful for what life has taught you.  Remind yourself life is about living, living and experiencing what life brings.  If you choose to see what you have experienced though gentle eyes, kind and compassionate eyes, as you reflect on what has happened, or on what is happening and or on what may happen, you may see the adventure in life is.  You have evolved and will continue to evolve through what you experience, and this adventure that is your life will continue unfold, how it unfolds is up to you.  This is your life, you are living it, you have lived it, explore it, see the adventure in it, be curious about it why you are where you are.  

In this reflective mood, you may discover more meaning in your experiences, exploring what has changed, what has became stronger within you, what is richer and more important.  Find the purpose for what you have experience, see what you want to release, let go of, and move on from.  

As you open yourself to the adventure your life is, you will recognise what it is you want.  Follow where this desire lead you to create what you want to create, allow yourself to explore what is possible and you may just where you belong, who belongs there with you, and what you belong doing. 

This is your life, it is a unique life because you are unique, what you have experienced is unique because you are the only one who has experienced what this through your perception, through your eyes.  

If you are restless, if you are seeking something more, and if you are ready, you can begin creating a new adventure, you can begin the journey to who you are becoming.  What you want to create, only you can create because only you can be you, only you can do what you do the way you do it.  If you truly believe in what you are doing, if you truly believe in what you are creating, you witness the adventure your life is.  You are here to explore, so you find where you belong, who belongs there with you, and what you belong doing.    

Be inspired by who you are, be inspired by what you do.