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There is design to your life.

The urge to flee…

Fear is contagious, fear can easily find a place in your consciousness and can even become a way of life.  When your beliefs are challenged, when you experience uncertainty, when you don’t think we can handle what is happening, you can become fearful of life.  Life is full of uncertainty, we are in constant cycles of change and how you experience what you are living through is up to you.   

The urge to flee is much like the adrenaline rush that comes with a thrill, you can become a thrill seeker and confront what frightens you.  When the urge to flee a situation arrives, trust yourself, trust you are here in this situation for the experience of being in it.  This experience will evolve you, be curious about how.  Become a thrill seeker and confront what rises within you as you live through what life is presenting you with.  

Even though your faith and belief in what you can do, or your faith and belief in what you can cope with, may be challenged, knowing your are up for the challenge, can be thrilling.  You are here in this experience for the experience of being here.  Confronting your fears will free you from what you are afraid of.  Confronting your insecurities will give you the confidence you lack.  If you have the courage to trust yourself, and trust what life is presenting your with,  you will be curious about your life and where it is taking you.  Life is about living, living and experiencing what life brings your way, be grateful for the experience it gives you.  

Decisions made out of fear or insecurity will hold you back from exploring what is possible when you have the confidence to be who you know you are.  Ask yourself, “if you knew it would all work out, what would you do?”.  Make choices from the trust and cultivate the belief in what is possible, the belief in what is achievable, you can trust this experience. Replacing your fears with optimism will help you have faith in you, and when you have faith in yourself, you have faith in others too.  

Be curious about what is occurring in your life, wonder about the details, the why’s, the how’s, the wherefores, wonder about why are here in this experience.  Question what makes sense and what doesn’t, think about what you believe and what you don’t.  Be curious about your perception, how you perceive what is happening creates how you feel about what you are experiencing.  Your feelings become thoughts, your thoughts become actions, and actions attract.  You have attracted this experience of the experience of being here in it.  

Be confident in who you are, be confident you can do what you want to do, and you will find what you are looking for, you will find where you belong.  Connect to that which you have always known, don’t compromise your beliefs, your standards, and allow yourself to trust life.  This is your life, know that you have what it takes to get you to where you are going, know that you can trust yourself in any situation you find yourself in.  

This is your life, your experience to be experienced, only you will experience this through your perception of it, only you can be you, and only you can do what you do the way you do it.  Trust and believe in what you are doing, in how you are living your life, your life is a living expression of who you are. You can trust you, you can trust this experience, and you can trust your life, because you are living it for the experience of it.   

Be inspired by who you are. 


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