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We are not confident all the time, sometimes we are vulnerable, sometimes we feel disempowered by life, we feel uncertain, insecure, unsure of ourselves and what we are doing.  Our vulnerability can soften our edges and make us more approachable, it can be endearing and enchanting but it also can compel us to make decisions we wouldn’t normally make, decisions that go against our natural instincts, decisions that are at odds with our natural flow, when we are vulnerable we also need to be on guard.  When we are vulnerable we need to know we are not always at our best and be wary of our choices we make because our vulnerability can attract situations we wouldn’t normally find ourselves in, situations we wouldn’t normally entertain.  

We are vulnerable when we feel disrespected, we are vulnerable when we are hurt, we are vulnerable when we are grieving, we are vulnerable when we are disappointed, we are vulnerable when we feel lost, when we have lost trust in our life and we feel we have no control over what is happening.  We may be going through a breakup, we may have fallen out of favour with a close friend, we may have lost our job, we may be questioning our life choices, we may have lost our way somehow.  We feel unwell, we feel unsafe, we feel uncertain, we feel insecure, we are vulnerable, this is a time when we need to take extra care with our choices. This is a time where we will attract good people who want to help us, who genuinely care about us, but it is also a time where we can attract people who see our vulnerability as a weakness, an opportunity to take advantage somehow, this is how we fall prey to predators, to scammers, to people who exploit.  Exploitative people, whether they are conscious of it or not, see our vulnerability as an opportunity.

We all have experienced people who, for whatever reason, want to immerse themselves in our life and sometimes we enjoy their attention, sometimes we are intrigued by them, sometime they appear like minded.  They enter our life when we are vulnerable, they are people we would normally be wary of, they are people we wouldn’t normally entertain.  Sometimes we stick with people who aren’t good for us, people who aren’t right for us, and sometimes we wake up and realise we are not with who we are meant to be with, sometimes we face our vulnerability and leave.  

We all have made choices we wouldn’t normally make, taken the job we didn’t really want, moved to an area we didn’t really like, hung out with people we knew weren’t good for us.  Sometimes we stay stuck in these situations, situations that aren’t good for us, situations that aren’t right for us, situations we are uncomfortable with.  And sometimes we wake up and realise we are not where we are meant to be, that we are not doing what we really want to do, sometimes we face our vulnerability and muster the courage to make changes.  Sometimes we embrace our vulnerability and be brave enough to begin again, to venture into new territory and become who we want to become, we feel the adrenaline pumping through our veins as we make bold choices and take leaps of faith.   Sometimes we have faith in our resilience and even though we are afraid, even though we are still vulnerable, we manage to embrace the new and make it be all we want it to be. 

Vulnerability is beautiful, it can teach us so much about ourselves, about what holds us up and what holds us back.  Embracing your vulnerability will make you brave, don’t compromise yourself, don’t allow situations to dictate to you, you have a choice, choose you, because when you are confident you can achieve greatness and greatness is mastery.    

Love life and life will love you back.   


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