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Here to inspire the greatness that is you…

You are divine…

There is design to your life.

What really matters…

Seeking to make changes and looking to improve your life in some way, something is shifting within you because you no longer feel content with how things are.  This is the beginning of a journey that may be a wild ride.  You may face indecision, you may face uncertainty, you may question yourself, you may question your intentions and your motivations and you may questions your expectations.  How do you tell if you are being unrealistic and expecting too much or if you are being too realistic and limiting yourself and does it even matter?

What matters is the stirs of change are awakening within you.  What matters is how you are feeling about where you are, what matters why you feel the way you feel and the consideration you give to what it is you really want.  The urge to alter something in your life is calling to you to create change, where this urge takes you will be a discovery, you’ll be inspired by the destination even if the destination changes as you travel along this path. This is evolving, you are evolving.  Be inspired by what is rising within you and believe in what is possible.  

What matters more is that you believe in yourself, what matters is that you trust yourself so you have the confidence to do what you want to do.  When you believe in yourself and when you trust yourself, you aim higher.  If your aim isn’t high enough, you will not be content with what unfolds.  What matters is that you value yourself and that you know you have something to contribute, you see the value in what you are doing and you see you that what you do matters.  What matters is that you figure out what is important to you, what you value most in life and what you value in yourself.  This will help you make the commitment you are making to live the life you really want to live, this commitment is a commitment you make to yourself to live the way you want to live.  

Raise your expectation of what is possible, raise your expectation of what you can achieve and see the possibilities that exist around you.  This is your life and how you live is up to you.  You can decide to be happy, you can decide to enjoy the life you are creating and you can decide to aspire to what you want.  You can make your life is a living expression of what you believe when you believe in what you are doing, when you believe in who you are and trust this is meant for you will be.

So when change is stirring within you, explore what this means and where it may take you, see what you can create and be empowered by what your potential.  You have a role to play, you are important, you matter and what you do matters.  How you feel about you, and how you feel about how you are living, is important.  Your feelings influence your thoughts and your thought influence your actions and your actions attract.  So start believing in yourself and start believing in what is possible because only you can be you, only you can do what you do the way you do it, and you are only person who knows what you really want.  

This is your life, you have the power within you to live it the way you want to live it, to create a life you are happy with.  Explore what stirs within you, find where it is you belong, find what it is you belong doing and you find those who belong there with you.  

Love your life and life will love you back.


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