Just imagine if we all were brave enough to embrace our uniqueness and believe in our potential…

Be you

Where to from here…

Where to from here, the process of change is ongoing, change is inevitable, we evolve, circumstance evolve, we awaken, reawaken and become.  Where to from here, where your life evolving to is where, even if it may not be apparent, everything is changing and so are you, you are evolving and evolution takes to time.  

Evolution takes time so take the time to consider, time to reflect and time to process, time to reset and re-invent, allow for realisations to arise and awareness to grow, allow for the process of change to occur.  Where to from here is up to you and you’ll be there soon, soon enough. 

You are on a journey and this is a phase, the phase you are up to, whatever phase this is you are going somewhere, change is inevitable, where to from here is up to you. There are times you’ll get stuck and put corks in your flow until catalysts appear and there are times that are difficult where you wonder if have it in you to keep going, but eventually you get there because where you are going is somewhere and you’ll be there soon.

Consider where you have been and what you have learnt, what you know now, what challenged you and what inspired you, consider what is no longer working for you, what is no longer useful, what you need to let go of to make room for the new.  This is the restructuring, reinventing and resetting you do as you change and evolve into who you are becoming, where to from here is up to you and how you get there is too.  You will have time to settle in, you will have time get used to, to become accustomed to, this new phase and this new you.  

You will rise and rise again to embrace whatever comes your way, the changes and what is changing, each time you’ll emerge wiser, each phase of your journey evolves you.  Evolution takes time and you have time, you don’t need to rush, you just need to believe and become, you have time to get acquainted with the new awareness that comes with new you.  You have all the wisdom, you have all the resilience, you have everything you need, you know you are free to be you, free to become the person you’ve always thought you were, free to do the thing you’ve always wanted to do, rebel against whatever is stopping you and be better.  There are powerful effects to betterment, you will become more confident, you will become more innovative and you will do more, be the rebel you know you are because you are free to be it.

Where to from here is up to you, how you get there is up to you, how long it takes you is up to you.  You’ll be there soon, what you do now is what matters, how you feel about what you are doing now is what matters, this is your reality, your experience of where you are and what you are about.  Be who you know you are, do the thing you’ve always wanted to do, rebel against whatever is holding you back and be better, because there is always room for improvement.  Where to from here is up to, how you get there is up to you and how long it takes is up to you, everything happens for a reason, don’t put corks in your flow, believe in yourself, believe in your life and all the wisdom it provides.

Love your life and life will love you back.